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Our Company - Boiler Sales - Rentals - Nationwide Boiler

Our Company - Boiler Sales - Rentals - Nationwide Boiler

Sales / Engineering Department

Sales / Engineering Department

Michael Medina, Rental Sales Manager

Michael brings over twenty years of boiler expertise to his role as Nationwide Boiler's Rental Sales Manager. After five years in the U.S. Navy, Michael came to Nationwide Boiler as a Service Engineer. He joined the sales team, bringing with him hands-on field experience servicing installations in the field. Michael stands behind Nationwide Boiler's promise of providing quality products and exceptional service through every step of the sales and engineering process. He is committed to building trust in each and every one of the company's customer relationships and helps maintain those relationships through the integrity and dependability he offers when dealing with potential and established customers.
William Testa, Business Development Manager

William "Bill" Testa brings over thirty years of experience working in the industrial and power markets. Bill started his career as a trained technical service engineer, responsible for all aspects of boiler repair, burner retrofits and startup services, and later took on a Vice President role at Bremco, Inc., serving the power and energy markets. He later moved to Oklahoma where he spent over twelve years directing the sales and marketing efforts of John Zink Company / Todd Combustion and Coen Company. Bill's role at Nationwide focuses on the development of domestic and international representatives for Nationwide Boiler's rental and new equipment sales product lines and includes the implementation of new product development initiatives that provide energy efficiency and low emission solutions to boiler owners around the world.
Tim McBride, Sales Engineer

Tim joined Nationwide Boiler with nearly fifteen years of boiler sales and field start-up experience. Previously working as a Technical Sales Representative for The Brose Company, an exclusive representative for several boiler manufacturers, he educated and assisted mechanical engineers, contractors, and facility engineers primarily in Northern California's commercial heating, health care, and biopharmaceutical industries. He has also performed start-up and commissioning services. Tim's B.S. degree from New York Maritime College and five years in the U.S. Navy helped him strengthen his steam engineering skills and knowledge. Tim is dedicated to exceeding his customer's expectations and to upholding the company's unparalleled commitment to providing superior customer service.

David Spain, Engineering Manager

For nearly fifteen years David has been ensuring effective equipment solutions as an Engineering Manager for Nationwide Boiler. Combining David's dual B.S. degrees in Mechanical and Marine Engineering with his prior seven years of work experience at Coen Company and ABCO Boilers, he offers a superior level of understanding of the intricacies of boiler engineering. By offering exceptionally strong project management and engineering skills, David ensures that the Company's customers can count on the custom boiler system solutions Nationwide Boiler designs. With the rest of the sales/engineering team, David provides the highest quality products for all of our customers.

Cheryl Olivo, Project Engineer

Bringing over twenty five years of engineering experience to Nationwide Boiler, Cheryl provides quality engineering support as a Project Engineer for the Engineering Department. After receiving a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis, Cheryl's prior work experience included project engineering at DuPont. Cheryl has been instrumental in designing new boiler systems that have been valuable additions to the Nationwide Boiler fleet and she continues to contribute quality-engineering expertise for custom projects that has resulted in the expansion of Nationwide Boiler.
Kim Do, Associate Engineer

Joining Nationwide Boiler in 2011, Kim has approximately three years experience at the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) as a Mechanical Engineering Aide and Junior Mechanical Engineer. She received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in thermal/fluid design from San Jose State University and has successfully applied her engineering acumen and a hands-on approach to solve problems in the field and internally. As the latest addition to Nationwide's Engineering team, Kim's knowledge of boiler systems has been accelerated as a result of her ability to find immediate solutions, while tackling challenging problems on the job.

Michele Tomas, Marketing Manager

For nearly fifteen years Michele has utilized her knowledge in business and marketing to effectively promote companies to help them exceed their sales growth potential. Michele's B.S. and MBA degrees in Business Administration, coupled with her prior work experience as a Web Developer and Marketing Analyst at Coen Company, provided her with a diverse skill set. Her marketing talent proves to be a valuable asset to Nationwide Boiler and allows her to effectively meet the needs of Nationwide Boiler's customers, suppliers and partners.

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