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Nationwide Boiler’s basic goal for the New Year is to provide exceptional service of rental boilers and auxiliary equipment with quick response and delivery.  Accomplishing these goals is a team effort and includes the following:

  •     Providing the most reliable, innovative and dependable boiler equipment the industry has to offer.
  •     Conducting business with integrity and real customer service.
  •     Providing 24/7 customer support from our seasoned and knowledgeable Service team.
  •     Retaining dedicated shop employees who maintain and service our equipment on a daily basis.
  •     Receiving product expertise and support from our engineering staff.
  •     Exhibiting good working relations and communication within each department to better serve our customers.

Call us anytime and let us know if you think we are successfully meeting these goals: 510-490-7100.


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We receive a variety of calls each day from companies that require boiler rental equipment. Reasons vary and   include items such as boiler outages, planned maintenance, unreliable equipment, and additional steam output needs.  When renting equipment from any rental company, up front planning is the most important stage.  Items to consider include:

- Maximum potential steam load needed
- Equipment location
- Fuel Source
- Accessible and sufficient connection lines
- Equipment needed

To help alleviate the stress from renting a boiler and to streamline the rental process, Nationwide Boiler developed the Emergency Preparedness Plan: Guidelines for Preparing for a Temporary Steam Plant.  This guide covers all the basics including Boiler size and weight, power requirements, piping sizes, instrument air, weather protection, local codes and rental boiler specifications.  Download your copy today and call us if you have any questions - we are here to help: 510-490-7100.

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Many customers have relied on Nationwide Boiler for new and reconditioned boilers to help increase production capabilities.  As a stocking distributor for the Babcock & Wilcox Company, Nationwide Boiler has complete boiler systems readily available for immediate delivery.   The example below illustrates how Titan Chemicals Corp. (formerly Titan PetChem), one of the largest polyolefin producers in South-East Asia, looked upon Nationwide Boiler for an immediate boiler solution to replace three existing boilers that were at the end of their useful life.  The company also wanted to expand production and required additional steam capacity.

Nationwide Boiler supplied Titan Chemicals with two new 200,000 lb/hr Babcock & Wilcox Model FM, 750 psig/750°F superheat boilers. The units were in stock and were available for immediate shipment to Malaysia.  Low NOx burners and EconoStak economizers for added fuel efficiency were also included with the boilers.  Both boilers were shipped by rail from Babcock & Wilcox's storage facility located in Mississippi to an ocean vessel cargo dock located in Texas for final delivery to Malaysia.

Overall, the two units easily met Titan Chemicals' excess process and cogeneration steam demands, originally achieved by three units. As well as meeting the customer's needs, the new equipment simplified boiler operation and maintenance as a result of consolidation of the boilers. In the end, the customer received the new boilers on time and was able to expand production capabilities as planned.

Be sure to give Nationwide Boiler a call when you are in need of a new boiler.  We stock a large assortment of new and used equipment and regularly update our inventory list of new and reconditioned watertube and firetube boilers.

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If you have ever rented a boiler, you may already know that the proper removal of rental boiler equipment is a critical step.  Not only does it ensure the safe return of boiler equipment, but it also reduces the risk of additional costs to you, the customer!

By following the seven precautionary steps below, the rental boiler can be properly prepared for pick-up and shipment.

1.) Boiler Drain & Flush - First, completely drain and flush all the boiler lines with clean water and open all water drain valves. This will minimize the chance of any corrosion and/or frozen pipes caused by unforeseen freezing conditions.  Remember - the boiler may need to be transported along freezing conditions to make it's way back to Nationwide Boiler.

2.) Inspect - Second, Inspect all fireside and waterside surfaces and report any visual damage, scale build-up, or refractory problems. Having photographic evidence of the boiler condition after the rental period is advisable.

3.) Stack Removal - Next, the stack should be removed, remounted and bolted down, along with the non-return valve, safety valves and vent valve to the trailer (same location as it was received).

4.) Cover all boiler openings (stack, steam, gas, water, electrical panel, safety valve openings)

5.) If the trailer is disassembled, reattach wheels and gooseneck

6.) Check tire pressure

7.) Return all instruction and operating manuals to the rental company via the trucker or transportation company responsible for returning the unit

If you have questions about preparing your unit for pick-up, don't hesitate to call Nationwide Boiler at 800-227-1966.  We’re here to help.

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