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When plants have to make major changes to boilers in order to meet regulations, things have to be completed with little or no interruption to ongoing production operations. This includes fuel conversion projects, when boilers are changed from one fuel source to another. 

Over the last forty-five years Nationwide Boiler has supplied rental boilers for conversion projects throughout the United States.  One project in particular, involved Louisiana Pacific Corporation.  This plant operated a hardboard and multi-density fiberboard (MDF) mill in Oroville, California and ran 24 hours per day producing a wide range of hardboard products. The company had to comply with more stringent air quality regulations, making it necessary for the company to reduce NOx emissions from their boilers and change from wood-firing to natural gas-firing.

Modifications were made to the facility’s piping system to quickly accommodate a temporary, low NOx, 70,000 lb/hr, trailer-mounted rental boiler. Delivery of the trailer-mounted boiler was timed carefully to insure minimum impact on production operations.

Overall, the modified boiler system was converted from wood to natural gas and met the plant's steam demand, as well as NOx emission limits. All of the objectives for supporting production operations during the changeover of the primary boiler were successfully accomplished.

Nationwide Boiler is here to help through any conversion project.  Whether the need is a temporary rental boiler or a new or reconditioned boiler system, we have a solution that can help.  Call today to speak to one of our Sales Engineer and find more about how we can be your single source supplier for your fuel conversion project. 1-800-227-1977.

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Whether you know it or not, boilers are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in a facility and are used throughout the world to produce steam or hot water.  We rely on boilers every day for the food we eat, the oil we put in our cars, the paper we read, the plastic items in our house, etc. 

Selecting the right boiler for your application and needs is not an easy task and many factors must be considered.  Nationwide Boiler composed a list of important items that every prospective buyer must consider.  Our list includes the following:

Call Nationwide Boiler today with any questions you may have involving what boiler is best for you.  We stock a large selection of new and reconditioned boilers that can suit many needs and we have many units that are available to ship immediately - 1-800-227-1966.

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Protecting your rental equipment from inclement weather conditions is critical during the winter season.  Nationwide Boiler recommends the following in order to ensure that your boiler equipment continues to operate while facing freezing conditions.  Refer to the pictures below for several shelters our customers have used to ensure their equipment withstands the cold.

    1. Enclose both the front and rear of the boiler area and use an external heat source to minimize freezing conditions.
    2. Install heat tracing with insulation to protect exposed stagnant water lines.
    3. Utilize an appropriate heat tracing method (electric or steam tracing) to all of your main lines and piping components. This includes the following lines which should be heat traced regardless if the boiler is in operation or not (in freezing conditions): sensing lines (steam drum to CMR, high steam and steam gauge), auxiliary low-water-cut-off, water column and level control blowdown. Depending on the length of piping runs, the main and continuous blowdown should also be heat traced.
    4. In addition to heat tracing on stagnant sensing lines, drain the lines and fill them with a 50/50 (water/glycol) solution, making sure to re-connect the line.
    5. When an extended boiler down time is expected, completely drain the boiler and stagnant water lines.

The above are recommendations, however, use sound engineering judgment calls when there are concerns of possible freeze damage to the equipment. Call us if you have any further questions at 1-800-227-1966.

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When renting a boiler one important factor to consider is location and where the boiler is being shipped from.  The location of the unit dictates transit time, shipping costs, freeze protection considerations and most importantly...your downtime and lost production.

Nationwide Boiler truly is "nationwide" and so are our boilers. We have many boiler storage depots scattered across the United States so our boilers can get to you as quickly as possible -  saving both time and money.  Ask yourself,  "What's my lost production worth ?".  The answer is “Nationwide Boiler”.

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