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Emergency Mobile Feedwater System Eases Catastrophic Event


Customer Profile
• University of Iowa
• Iowa City, IA
• 1900-acre campus

Supplied Equipment
• Two (2) 70,000 lb/hr trailermounted package watertube boilers
• 165,000 lb/hr mobile feedwater system, complete with water softeners, chemical feed tanks, boiler feed pumps and deaerator

The Iowa flood of 2008 involved most of the rivers in eastern Iowa and continued in the southeastern portion of the state. Flooding lasted for nearly one month and Cedar Rapids and Iowa City were areas most significantly affected. In Iowa City, the campus of the University of Iowa was left vulnerable and serious flooding spread throughout the University and caused major flooding to its main power plant.

The University's existing feedwater recovery system, including deaerators and feed system pumps, provided boiler feedwater water to the plant's boiler systems. Two existing 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boilers, supplied by Nationwide Boiler, were currently in use to meet extra capacity demands.

During the catastrophe the power plant's basement, housing the plant's pump room, was severely flooded. The plant was unable to provide needed pumping, deaerating, heating, conditioning and treating services required for processing of the boiler feedwater. A complete mobile feedwater treatment system, that could be brought online in a short period of time and would continue to operate with minimum operator intervention and interference to ongoing operations were required. In addition, the plant's primary power boilers were also disabled as part of the flooding, and the rental units would now be the sole source of steam supply.

Within days of getting the inquiry, shipping arrangements for a complete mobile feedwater treatment system were underway. With a capacity of 165,000 lbs/hr, Nationwide Boiler's mobile feedwater system was able to support the two 70,000 lb/hr mobile boilers with ease. To expedite shipping and minimize freight costs, the equipment was transported from Nationwide Boiler's partner facility in North Carolina. Upon arrival the equipment was prepared for startup by a Nationwide Boiler service technician in minimal time.

Reacting to an emergency situation requires an immediate understanding of the current situation and acute attention to details. Responding to the University's immediate needs, Nationwide Boiler supplied, delivered and installed a complete mobile feedwater system. Once the system's electrical, boiler, and make-up water requirements were established, the plant was quickly able to supply steam based services to the campus and residences in the area.

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