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Customer Profile
• Consolidated Edison
• New York, NY
• Merged with the New York Steam Company in 1952
• Operates the largest district steam system in the United States

Supplied Equipment
• Two (2) 70,000 lb/hr, low NOx, trailer-mounted package boilers
• Stack-mounted EconoStak economizer on each boiler
• 300 gpm boiler feedwater treatment van

The horrific events in New York City on September 11, 2001 caused destruction of the steam delivery infrastructure and left many buildings near Ground Zero without heat and other necessary steam-based facilities. Prior to the terrorists attacks, Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) provided steam to numerous residential and office buildings in the area. The devastation of the area, however, included a 20-inch steam main used by Con Ed for delivery of the steam to users.

As a part of restoring activity around the damaged area of Ground Zero, facilities, including steam delivery, had to be replaced. The extent of the damage was so great that temporary replacements were sought. Included among these was a complete temporary steam plant, including water treatment capability, that could be brought online in a short time and could continue to operate for an indefinite time with minimum interference to ongoing operations.

Shipping arrangements for a complete 140,000 lb/hr steam plant were initiated within hours of receiving the go-ahead from Con Ed. An area within close proximity to the damaged steam main was selected for placing and operating the steam plant. A 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boiler was readied and dispatched from the Nationwide Boiler East facility in Delanco, New Jersey. Concurrently, a self-contained water treatment van and a second boiler were dispatched from Nationwide Boiler headquarters in Fremont, California. The equipment was assembled on the selected site at Ground Zero and prepared for startup by a Nationwide Boiler startup crew.

Operating on a fast-track basis, a complete 140,000 lb/hr steam plant was delivered, brought on-line and readied for operation at Ground Zero in a matter of days. The system steam main was connected to temporary steam distribution lines. As soon as they were habitable, offices and residences in the area were provided with heat and the other steam-based services and able to continue their everyday activities and operations.

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