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Temporary Steam Plant Provides Uninterrupted Service


Customer Profile
• Major chemical manufacturer
• United States: East Coast
• Materials used in polyethylene products

Supplied Equipment
• Two (2) 70,000 lb/hr low NOx trailer-mounted package boilers
• 70,000 lb/hr boiler feedwater van

A major chemical manufacturer on the Eastern coast of the United States requires large amounts of steam in the processing of materials that are used in the fabrication of polyethylene products. In addition to providing their own process steam, their facility steam plant also supplies steam to another chemical processing company located nearby.

The steam plant performance and thermal efficiency characteristics were relatively poor at this chemical processing facility. Since the existing plant was decades old, there was a high desire to install a new, 30 ppm low NOx emissions plant which would operate with higher reliability, increased plant efficiency and reduced fuel costs.

While a new steam plant was being constructed, process steam and the steam provided to the neighboring plant could not be interrupted. To ensure this, two complete and independent 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boilers were supplied for temporary use, providing 100% redundancy.

The two mobile boilers were connected to the steam main that was previously connected to the old facility boilers. In addition, a temporary mobile feedwater system with water-treatment equipment was installed to replace the facility water conditioning system.

Arrangements were made to connect the temporary system directly before the shutdown of the facility steam plant that was being replaced. Installation was completed in minimum time and with no interruption to on-going operations. Overall, the customer was satisfied with the ease and timeliness of set-up and installation, and the system operated until the new facility steam plant was brought on line.

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