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CataStak FT -Environmental Solutions - Nationwide Boiler

SCRs for Firetube Boilers

Nationwide Boiler developed the CataStak-FT Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system specifically for small, firetube boiler applications. Based on Nationwide Boiler’s proven CataStak™ SCR System technology, the CataStak-FT SCR system has been economically designed to provide reliable NOx performance for firetube boilers up to 800 HP.

CataStak-FT SCR System

In addition to dependable low NOx performance, the CataStak-FT SCR system also provides high operating energy efficiency gains, better turndown than other ultra low NOx technologies, simple controls, and is easy to retrofit on existing equipment. Overall the CataStak has been designed as a cost-effective answer to reducing stack emissions and easily meets any performance requirement.

The CataStak-FT SCR System Provides

  • Less than 5 ppm NOx Performance
  • Higher Operating Efficiency (May Qualify for Energy Incentives)
  • Lower FD Fan Horsepower vs. ULN Burners
  • Stable Flame Performance
  • No Load Following Issues
  • Low Pressure Drop (1”wc)
  • NOx Reduction Control System Easily Integrates to any Boiler
  • No Operator Intervention Required (Auto Start/Stop)
  • Simple “In Stack” Retrofit Installation
  • Uses Standard 150 lb Ammonia Bottles (No RMP Required)

The CataStak-FT SCR System: Firetube Boiler Project Spotlights

CataStak-FT SCR System - 800 hp Boiler System

CataStak-FT for an 800 HP firetube boiler for a tomato processing plant in CA.  
CataStak-FT SCR System - 1000 hp Boiler System CataStak-FT for a 1000 HP boiler for a  major pharmaceutical facility in CA.
 CataStak-FT SCR System - 800 hp Boiler System CataStak-FT for a 800 HP firetube boiler for dairy processing plant in CA.

 CataStak-FT SCR Systems


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