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Lower Your Emissions with a CataStak SCR System

For over 30 years Nationwide Boiler has supplied low NOx solutions focused on lowering overall industrial greenhouse gas emissions and increasing efficiency through innovative air pollution control solutions. Today, Nationwide Boiler leads the nation with the highest number of successful low NOx rental and new boiler systems, revolved around Nationwide's extensive family of products, including EconoStak economizers and CataStak™ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. Nationwide Boiler’s complete engineering and customer support and start-up teams take the risk out of meeting tough emission requirements without jeopardizing equipment performance and reliability, ensuring that each project will exceed our customer’s expectations from start to finish.

Decrease Emissions - Reduce Costs - Improve Efficiency - E2Stak - EconoStak - CataStak

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