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Petroleum Refining & Related Industries


Nationwide Boiler has an extensive history working with refiners, which is why our rental boiler fleet consists of a variety of 75,000 lb/hr, 750 psi / 750F superheated watertube boilers, designed specifically for high-pressure applications.

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Food Processing

General Food ProcessingThe food processing industry relies heavily on companies like Nationwide Boiler to provide temporary steam for seasonal production, especially every summer when tomato season rolls around. To keep the industry running, it is vital that Nationwide stock an adequate amount of trailer-mounted boilers in anticipation of an abundant harvest, on top of equipment already rented out to customers in other industries.

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Chemicals & Allied Products

industries-nationwide-boiler-chemicalsFor almost fifty years Nationwide Boiler has been providing quality steam solutions to chemical companies throughout the world, aiding in the creation of chemicals and allied products and satisfying the needs of customers worldwide.

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Utility, Power & Cogeneration

industries-nationwide-boiler-utilityUtility, power and cogeneration companies utilize steam for a multitude of different applications, which is why Nationwide Boiler is committed to supplying the highest quality equipment and steam solutions that are reliable and readily available.

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industries-nationwide-boiler-ethanolNationwide Boiler provides a wide range of rental equipment to help supplement steam production during peak demands of ethanol production.  Our high capacity trailer-mounted boilers are easily transportable and can quickly tie-in to existing plant steam lines and supply lines so loss production time is minimized and extra capacity requirements are quickly attained.

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Pulp, Paper & Wood Products

industries-nationwide-boiler-paperBoilers are integral in pulp, paper and wood processing, providing valuable steam and electrical power for plant operations. For decades, Nationwide Boiler has provided top quality equipment to the most recognized companies in the world and we strive to continue this tradition through innovative product development and exceptional customer service.

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industries-nationwide-boiler-manufacturingSteam is needed in just about every manufacturing process, which is why Nationwide Boiler stocks a variety of watertube and firetube boilers to easily accommodate any companies’ needs. Whatever the process, Nationwide Boiler has the most optimal boiler solutions available.

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Colleges, Universities & District Heating Plants

industries-nationwide-boiler-collegesIf you want heat, you need steam and Nationwide Boiler has provided that steam to colleges, universities and district heating plants all over the world.

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general hospitalsSteam is an essential part of everyday hospital operations, and for almost 50 years hospitals all over the world have trusted Nationwide Boiler to provide the highest quality equipment, services and steam solutions for their facilities.

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My Industry

General MyIndustryNationwide Boiler serves a multitude of customers throughtout the world and is involved in almost every industry around. Whether you are looking for a short term rental or a permanent solution, Nationwide is committed to providing each individual customer with reliable equipment, dependable solutions, and real customer service.

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