EconoStak Economizers for Added Fuel Efficiency

Economizers are an optional piece of equipment, utilized to create a more efficient operation.

An economizer adds efficiency by recovering waste heat energy from the boiler stack flue gases and using it to heat the feedwater. In turn, the boiler does not need to provide as much additional heating to product steam requirements, therefore reducing the fuel needed during operation. The fuel saved is a considerable amount and, in most cases, will lower system operating costs. Economizers can also reduce emissions and pollutants by lowering stack emissions and providing a lower thermal pollution output.

Nationwide Boiler utilizes economizers as an optional feature available on most of our rental boilers and economizers can also be supplied as an add-on for existing equipment. A Nationwide Boiler EconoStak Economizer includes all of the associated piping and structural support required for efficient and safe operation. No field piping or structural supports are required, simplifying field installation and start-up.