Boiler MACT Compliance With Nationwide Boiler

Owners of boilers that must comply with the Boiler MACT face tough economic decisions that will change the way their boiler rooms operate today and in the future. Nationwide Boiler is your one source supplier for Boiler MACT compliance! Call us today to rent a boiler for temporary steam during your fuel conversion project, or to buy a replacement boiler. 

Temporary Steam for Fuel Conversion Projects - If you plan to convert your coal boiler to fire natural gas, you will need a temporary steam source to keep production running and money flowing. Since boiler conversion projects can vary from six months to up to a year, rental boilers can dramatically minimize downtime and interruptions to production from a loss of steam supply. Nationwide Boiler can provide rental boilers for long or short term projects. We have a vast inventory of boilers for rent, including large trailer-mounted watertube boilers up to 120,000 lb/hr. View our full rental boiler inventory to see options available.

Trailer-Mounted Boiler


Boiler Replacements - If your decision is to buy a new or used natural gas fired boiler to replace your coal fired boiler, you must keep in mind that lead times are long for new boilers. As a major stocking distributor for Babcock & Wilcox, Nationwide Boiler has brand new 200,000 lb/hr watertube boilers currently in production, minimizing lead time for purchasing. We also have a large selection of new and reconditioned firetube and watertube boilers with the latest NOx controls and efficiency upgrades. View our boiler specifications for additional details.

82,500 pph Trailer-Mounted Boiler200,000 pph Skid-Mounted Boiler75,000 pph Trailer-Mounted Boiler


Emissions Reductions Equipment - For boilers required to meet stringent emissions requirements, Nationwide Boiler can offer a CataStak™ SCR system to reduce NOx by as much as 90%. This back-end selective catalytic reduction technology is cost-effective and will out-perform burner technology, reducing emissions to as low as 2 ½ ppm and giving boiler owners peace of mind for future compliance.

Watrertube Boiler with CataStak SCR SystemFiretube Boiler and CataStak SCR System