Significant Projects - CataStak SCR Systems

Nationwide Boiler's CataStak SCR System Rental Achieves Less Than 1 PPM NOx

During the summer 2017 season, source test results from a rental customer in the Central Valley of California showed less than 1 ppm NOx and less than 1 ppm ammonia slip on one of Nationwide Boiler's CataStak SCR rental systems.

The CataStak SCR was paired with Nationwide Boiler's 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted package watertube boiler and being rented at a tomato processing facility with strict emission limits of 5 ppm NOx. The source test was performed under normal season loads, in several 30 minute runs, and tested for NOx, CO and ammonia slip. Results show that the system emitted only 0.7 ppm NOx with 0.39 ppm ammonia slip. In addition to the superior NOx control that the CataStak SCR system provides, low ammonia slip illustrates the effectiveness of our design related to the mixing of ammonia and NOx prior to the catalyst.

CataStak SCR Supports AMECS Barge System

An innovative system designed to reduce ship-based pollution has been developed, and Nationwide Boiler's proven Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR system was selected to provide the critical NOx reduction requirements. The Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS), a patented technology licensed exclusively to AEG, LLC, has successfully demonstrated its ability to capture and eliminate the most harmful exhaust emissions being produced by dock-side, ocean-going vessels.

AEG's AMECS uses its patented "direct connect" technology to attach to the exhaust port of any ocean-going vessel and remove 90-99% of NOx and other pollutants. The system is positioned to cover the vessels auxiliary engine exhaust outlet, capturing the emission stream. The exhaust is then pulled down to the barge based emissions reduction system, where the clean-up equipment is located. This system, which represents a proven-alternative method to shore power for reducing ship-based, in-port emissions, has and will continue to provide a significant and much needed reduction in coastal air pollution levels.

Nationwide Boiler engineers worked closely with AEG, LLC and Milco Constructors for nearly three years to design a unique, application specific, packaged CataStak ™ SCR System that will be fully integrated into the larger AMECS barge. The CataStak™ SCR utilizes safe urea (DEF) rather than ammonia as a reagent and was designed to meet the strict emissions requirements of the California Air Resource Board and South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Ammonia-Free CataStak Achieves Less Than 3 PPM NOx

Nationwide Boiler was awarded a project to provide two Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR systems with LT urea injection systems to the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, CA. The systems were provided for two dual-fuel fired Keeler boilers, mandated to meet the South Coast Air Quality Management District's boiler NOx requirements of 5 ppm. The advanced system easily reduced NOx from 30 ppm to less than 3 ppm NOx with ammonia slip under 2 ppm. The system also complies with Rule 1146 without concerns about meeting future NOx emission limits.

The CataStak SCR Expands to the Heater Market

Over the last five years Nationwide Boiler has expanded the capabilities of the CataStak™ SCR system to many demanding applications. It first debuted in the package boiler market over ten years ago and since then has also been applied to gas-fired turbines, heat recovery steam generators, and now gas-fired heaters.

With the help of Heat Transfer Specialists,Inc. (TX) and Gates Technology Int'l. Ltd. (OK), Nationwide recently received an order for two gas-fired heater CataStak™ SCRs for a leading midstream resource management company that designs and operates gas processing and condensate stabilization plants. The company is in the process of installing two new gas-fired heaters that have to meet a NOx permit level of 0.01 lb/MMbtu and requires extremely low pressure drop throughout the SCR. Nationwide's engineers worked with the catalyst supplier to design a cost-effective solution that would easily increase the area of catalyst and lower the expected pressure drop to successfully meet all of the customer requirements

NRG Energy Center to Operate Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR System

A single Ammonia-Free CataStak™ SCR was recently designed and supplied for (2) 71.4 MMbtu/hr Keeler Boilers at NRG Energy Center's San Francisco facility. Rather than ammonia, Nationwide provided an economic and energy efficient space saving system using a common and readily available 32% rea solution called DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), without the use of ammonia.

This system will be started up early 2013 with predicted NOx emissions of less than 5 ppm.

New BPS Project Awarded to Nationwide Boiler Inc.

The world’s largest exporter of California wines selected Nationwide Boiler to provide a Best Performance Standards (BPS) boiler system to help the company meet new emission and efficiency standards.  Not only will the company’s equipment be more environmentally friendly, but it will also benefit from valuable energy savings from the installation of a CataStak SCR system, energy efficient EconoStak economizer, and VFD installation.  Nationwide Boiler is also providing a used 800 HP Cleaver-Brooks firetube boiler for the project.  Installation is planned for summer 2012.

Major Pharmaceutical Significantly Reduces NOx with a CataStak-FT

Nationwide Boiler supplied a CataStak-FT for one of the nation's largest pharmaceutical companies on the West Coast. The project involved the retrofit of a 1000 HP Kewanee boiler operating with a new Limpsfield combustion control burner. Third party source tests confirmed NOx emissions of 0.6 ppm, CO emissions of <2.0 and ammonia slip of 7.1 (each corrected to 3% O2). These results verify that the CataStak truly does provide the lowest emission limits available.

CataStak SCR System Installation List Exceeds One Hundred

The sale and rental of the CataStak SCR system has steadily increased over the last year. Nationwide recently completed the design, engineering and assembly of two CataStak-GT systems for a major refiner in California to aid in down hole steam injection. To date Nationwide Boiler has successfully installed over one hundred CataStak SCR units and each one has never failed a third party source test.

New BPS Boiler Supplied for Major Food Processor

A CA food processor recently purchased a new BPS boiler system equipped with the latest emission controls and efficiency upgrades. A 125,000 pph Nebraska watertube boiler, set to operate at 400 psig with natural gas, was supplied by Nationwide. It included a CataStak SCR system for near zero NOx operation and an EconoStak economizer for added fuel efficiency.

Four New CataStak SCR Units in Full Compliance for Major Refiner in the Midwest

Nationwide supplied four CataStak SCR systems with EconoStak economizers to a major refiner in the Midwest needing to upgrade their boiler systems to meet a governmental consent decree for emission control. Four 177,000 pph boilers were upgraded with the CataStak SCR system to help lower NOx emissions from 270 ppm to less than 9 ppm NOx. An aqueous ammonia delivery systems was also supplied. Overall, the refiner had a total NOx reduction of 97%.

Local Compliance Updates

As emissions continued to decline over the last decade, SCR technology has proven to be the wisest and most cost effective technology available. Currently, NOx emission requirements are as low as 5 ppm in some areas, and it is predicted that after 2015 these limits will decrease even further, once current rules expire. The CataStak SCR system is proven to reduce NOx emissions to as low as 2 1/2 ppm, giving users peace of mind that they will be in compliance for years to come.