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Ammonia-Free CataStak™ SCR System
Best Performance Standards Boiler - Project Spotlights

Best Performance Standards Boiler (Firetube)
CataStak™ SCR System General Overview
CataStak™ SCR System - The Simple Choice For NOx Control
CataStak™-FT SCR System
CataStak™-GT SCR System
DataStak™ Emissions & Efficiency Monitoring System
Heat Recovery Blowdown Pac for Energy Saving Solutions
The Economies of EconoStak
The E2Stak Solution Low Emissions & High Efficiency
10 Reasons Why the CataStak is Your #1 Choice

Case Studies

Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR Innovation
Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR - Cogeneration - Auxiliary Boilers
BPS Upgrade with E2Stak Yields Energy Savings, Decreased Emissions & Improved Operations
CataStak SCR System & Burner Upgrade Helps Achieve Steam Reliability
CataStak SCR System Retrofit Simplifies Consent Decree Compliance
CataStak SCR System Upgrade & BPS Rental Boiler Solution
CataStak SCR System Upgrade Demonstrates Near Zero NOx Emissions
E2Stak Boiler System Achieves Ultra Low NOx Emissions & High Efficiency
Future NOx Compliance - Burners vs. SCRs
New 200,000 lb/hr Boiler & CataStak SCR System Helps Refinery Lower Emissions
Ultra Low NOx Emissions and Improved Efficiency with Environmental E2Stak Solution

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Today's Boiler - Innovative NOx Reduction Helps Major Energy Provider Meet Local Regulations (2013)
Power Engineering - Boiler Upgrades & Conversions (2013)

Power Engineering - NOx Limits Met with Ammonia-Free SCR Solution (2013)

Today's Boiler - Reducing NOx Production While Keeping Expenses & Emissions Down (2012)
Ten Ways to Improve Efficiency for Gas-Fired Boilers (2010)
Today's Boiler - Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Emissions (Fall 2009)
Today's Boiler - Total Plant Solutions: The SCR Approach (2009)