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Nationwide Boiler has a diverse rental boiler fleet. From large trailer-mounted watertube boilers, mobile boiler rooms, and small skid-mounted firetube boilers, we offer our customers a variety of options to meet any potential steam or hot water heating need.

For ease of shipping, our mobile boiler rooms and mobile steam plants only require a tractor to hook-up and tow-away. This is the advantage of mobile self-contained equipment. However, some of our skid-mounted systems and firetube-only rental boilers, for customers that do not need a complete steam plant, require an over-sized forklift or crane service for loading. In either case, Nationwide Boiler will coordinate the pick-up, delivery and customer notifications through one of our trusted shipping companies. Note that skid-mounted equipment, when delivered on a flatbed, will require off-loading at the customer’s facility.


Nationwide Mobile Boiler Room Shipment

For some of our larger watertube rental boilers, 75,000 lb/hr steam output and above, a separate drop-deck trailer, in addition to the boiler trailer, is required. This is due to the height and weight limitations imposed by states’ transportation departments. Though this extra shipment is ‘highway-legal,’ the boilers, in comparison, require overweight permits and tagging and are sometimes restricted to daylight travel and curfews in larger metropolitan areas. For these reasons, additional components required for boiler operation, namely the forced draft fan and motor, economizer (if a standard piece of equipment), and the short stub stack, are delivered separately. They are off-loaded at the job site and installed once the rental boiler is in place and leveled.


Typical Flat Bed Load for Large Watertube Rental Boilers

Our CataStak™ SCR emission control systems, for use in non-attainment low NOx emission areas, are also delivered on a flatbed for job site off-loading and installation on the boiler flue outlet.

At Nationwide Boiler, we like to ensure that our customers are aware of the logistics required when renting our boilers and auxiliary equipment. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding our boiler shipments, please contact us today at 1-800-227-1966.

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Process Heating's September issue features an article written by Nationwide Boiler's rental and sales manager, Michael Medina. The article, entitled "10 Tips for Preparing a Temporary Steam Plant", provides a guide for boiler owners and operators when preparing a contingency plan for their facility. A rental boiler can be required for a number of reasons and preparation is important in any case, whether a planned or unplanned outage.

Check out the article to learn more, and for additional information take a look at our Emergency Preparedness Plan.


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A common misconception in regards to reconditioned boilers is the reliability of the equipment. Many buyers don't realize that a reconditioned boiler can actually run just as efficiently as a new boiler, but is typically 60% of the cost! This, along with many other advantages, can easily justify buying a reconditioned boiler over a new boiler.

The list below outlines additional advantages that are apparent when choosing to buy a reconditioned boiler:

  1. Delivery - Manufacturer's lead times can be 6 months to a year nowadays. Reconditioned boilers are generally in stock and available for immediate delivery.
  2. Warranty - Nationwide Boiler offers the same guarantee for new and reconditioned boilers, warranted for 6-12 months.
  3. Rent to Own - With a new boiler, you don't usually have the option of rent to own. A Nationwide reconditioned boiler can be rented with an option to buy at the end of the rental.
  4. Quality - As mentioned, the quality of a reconditioned boiler is commonly misconceived. Nationwide Boiler has established procedures and is an ASME code certified shop. Every reconditioned boiler is internally inspected and hydro-statically tested, with all systems checked prior to delivery to ensure quality and usability.
  5. Performance - A new boiler purchased from the manufacturer can be designed to meet specific needs, however a reconditioned boiler can be retrofitted to meet current industry standards; ASME, low emissions, control, etc.
  6. Start-up - A new boiler is generally put on line in 2-3 weeks, while a Nationwide reconditioned boiler is always thoroughly shop tested, reducing field start-up time.
  7. Installation - With a new boiler purchase, installation is generally not an option and part of the customer's scope of supply. Nationwide can offer complete turnkey installations for customers purchasing reconditioned boilers.
  8. Service Calls - Equipment manufacturer's typically can only be reached during normal working hours. Nationwide Boiler's service engineer's can be reached 24 hours a day at our toll-free number, 1-800-227-1966.

Next time you are in the market for a boiler and have to make the tough decision of buying a new or used boiler, be sure to take these factors into consideration!


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