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Electric Boiler PackageWith a growing move away from the use of fossil fuels, Nationwide Boiler has seen an increased interest in electric boilers for both temproary and permanent applications. An electric boiler can be a great solution for facilities with large electrical loads or an excess of electricity available for use. Steam product without the burning fossil fuels means there are no products of combustion or greenhouse gases being produced, and no air permits required for operation. An electric boiler may be the zero emissions solution for you.

Nationwide Boiler is the exclusive California representative of Vapor Power Electrode Boiler and a supplier of Precision Resistance Style Electric Steam Boilers, and we also have a 60 HP electric boiler package in-stock for expedited needs. 

Advantages of Electric Steam Boilers
  • Using electricity as a clean, efficient and easily controlled fuel, all the energy input to the boiler is converted to steam with 99% efficiency
  • There are no stacks to purchase and there are zero pollutant emissions
  • With no local emissions, no Title V EPA permit is required for installation
  • Electric Boilers typically produce higher quality steam throughout the operating range


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