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Are you curious about how rental boilers have evolved since their beginning in the early 1800s? When did the rental boiler transform from a small steam engine to a large, trailer-mounted mobile boiler, or an enclosed system including the boiler and support equipment? And what factors were considered during these advancements in the industry?

To learn the facts, check out our most recent feature article, "The Evolution of Rental Boilers", published in the Spring edition of Today's Boiler! 

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The winter season is just around the corner, and it is a good time to remind our customers about how to properly prepare rental equipment for inclement weather conditions. This not only applies to when a boiler is in operation, but also when a boiler is down or in transport.

By following the recommended steps below, you can avoid boiler operational difficulties and/or equipment damage during freezing weather conditions:

  1. Enclose both the front and rear of the boiler area and use an external heat source to minimize freezing conditions.
  2. Install heat tracing with insulation to protect exposed stagnant water lines.
  3. Utilize an appropriate heat tracing method (electric or steam tracing) to all of your main lines and piping components. This includes the following lines which should be heat traced regardless if the boiler is in operation or not (in freezing conditions): sensing lines (steam drum to CMR, high steam and steam gauge), auxiliary low-water-cut-off, water column and level control blowdown. Depending on the length of piping runs, the main and continuous blowdown should also be heat traced.
  4. In addition to heat tracing on stagnant sensing lines, drain the lines and fill them with a 50/50 (water/glycol) solution, making sure to re-connect the line. 5. When an extended boiler down time is expected, completely drain the boiler and stagnant water lines.


  1. The above lines are considered stagnant lines and should be heat traced regardless if the boiler is in operation or not (freezing conditions).
  2. Nationwide has also done the following in addition to heat tracing on the stagnant sensing lines: Drain line, fill with 50/50 (water/glycol) solution, re-connect line.
  3. Depending on the length of piping runs, the main and continuous blowdown should also be heat traced.
  4. For extended boiler downtime, drain boiler and stagnant water lines completely.
  5. If rental equipment becomes damaged due to freezing weather conditions, the repair or replacement is the responsibility of the lessee.

The above are recommendations; however, use sound engineering judgment calls when there are concerns of possible freeze damage to the equipment. For further information, give us a call at 1-800-227-1966.

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In 1998, Nationwide Boiler added 75,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted watertube boilers in two different models – 750F superheat temperatures and saturated steam conditions. Today we have a large stock of these superheated boilers and can offer them with a desuperheater for companies who need saturated steam. We often rent them out to companies in the pulp and paper industry, petroleum refineries, and chemical companies.



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Nationwide Boiler first introduced high capacity mobile boiler rooms in 1989, featuring firetube boilers in a range of sizes. They are designed to provide a temporary steam supply when a conventional, permanent solution is not available.

These mobile boiler rooms incorporate the boiler and all required auxiliary equipment, including feedwater system (feedwater pumps & tank), water softener, chemical feeder and blowdown tank, and are mounted together inside an enclosed van or on an open trailer. The only external requirements for operation are fuel, make-up water, blowdown drains, and external electrical power.

Check out our large inventory of mobile boiler rooms available to rent in multiple steam capacity sizes.

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