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A silicone materials manufacturer in West Virginia has selected Nationwide Boiler to supply a new boiler in the continued expansion of their processing plant. The new boiler was also purchased for reliability measures to be sure they will meet their steam demand and to cover any future issues with their existing aging equipment. 

The 99.9 mmbtu, 750 psi design Babcock & Wilcox boiler was a duplicate of their previous purhcase from Nationwide Boiler in 2009. They were also supplied with Nationwide Boiler's exclusive EconoStak Economizer for maximum efficiency and a low NOx burner that will not exceed 30 ppm NOx.

 There were three key elements that helped Nationwide secure the repeat sale to this customer:

  1. Staying under 100 mmbtu input allowed for faster air permitting and also avoided new source performance standards review and the requirement of a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS).

  2. The equipment was new and readily available for quick shipment.

  3. The customer was satisfied with the previous boiler's performance and Nationwide's outstanding customer service, and they felt comfortable working with familiar and trusted people.

 Check out our press release for the full story, and call Nationwide Boiler at 1-8100-227-1966 to see how we can provide reliable steam solutions for your facility.



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Manufacturers of all sizes are invited to visit the Superior Energy Performance’s (SEP) new website that helps certify your facility and recognizes facilities that demonstrate energy management excellence and sustained energy savings.  Through this globally recognized, U.S. Department of Energy supported certification, facilities are provided the resources and tools needed to help save energy costs through operational and capital improvements, increase productivity, and improve competitiveness.

To be certified under Superior Energy Performance™ (SEP), a facility must conform to the ISO 50001 energy management standard and additional energy performance improvement and other requirements that have been codified under the ANSI/MSE 50021. These achievements must be audited by an ANSI-ANAB Accredited SEP Verification Body.  Companies currently certified include Mack Trucks, Olam Spices, Dow Chemical, and 3M.

Nationwide Boiler believes that energy conservation is everyone’s responsible.  We supply innovative products including Best Performance Standard (BPS) boilers and CataStak SCR systems that decrease energy consumption and lower costs thought alternative technology choices. For complete details visit:



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We receive a variety of calls each day from companies that require boiler rental equipment. Reasons vary and   include items such as boiler outages, planned maintenance, unreliable equipment, and additional steam output needs.  When renting equipment from any rental company, up front planning is the most important stage.  Items to consider include:

- Maximum potential steam load needed
- Equipment location
- Fuel Source
- Accessible and sufficient connection lines
- Equipment needed

To help alleviate the stress from renting a boiler and to streamline the rental process, Nationwide Boiler developed the Emergency Preparedness Plan: Guidelines for Preparing for a Temporary Steam Plant.  This guide covers all the basics including Boiler size and weight, power requirements, piping sizes, instrument air, weather protection, local codes and rental boiler specifications.  Download your copy today and call us if you have any questions - we are here to help: 510-490-7100.

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Many customers have relied on Nationwide Boiler for new and reconditioned boilers to help increase production capabilities.  As a stocking distributor for the Babcock & Wilcox Company, Nationwide Boiler has complete boiler systems readily available for immediate delivery.   The example below illustrates how Titan Chemicals Corp. (formerly Titan PetChem), one of the largest polyolefin producers in South-East Asia, looked upon Nationwide Boiler for an immediate boiler solution to replace three existing boilers that were at the end of their useful life.  The company also wanted to expand production and required additional steam capacity.

Nationwide Boiler supplied Titan Chemicals with two new 200,000 lb/hr Babcock & Wilcox Model FM, 750 psig/750°F superheat boilers. The units were in stock and were available for immediate shipment to Malaysia.  Low NOx burners and EconoStak economizers for added fuel efficiency were also included with the boilers.  Both boilers were shipped by rail from Babcock & Wilcox's storage facility located in Mississippi to an ocean vessel cargo dock located in Texas for final delivery to Malaysia.

Overall, the two units easily met Titan Chemicals' excess process and cogeneration steam demands, originally achieved by three units. As well as meeting the customer's needs, the new equipment simplified boiler operation and maintenance as a result of consolidation of the boilers. In the end, the customer received the new boilers on time and was able to expand production capabilities as planned.

Be sure to give Nationwide Boiler a call when you are in need of a new boiler.  We stock a large assortment of new and used equipment and regularly update our inventory list of new and reconditioned watertube and firetube boilers.

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