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CIBO's 36th Annual Meeting

Members of the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO), including Nationwide Boiler’s Vice President Larry Day, will be gathering this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico for CIBO’s 36th Annual Meeting. The meeting is held yearly to discuss environmental policy changes in the boiler industry, and the main topic of discussion this year is energy.

Energy is priceless; it is needed for everything we make and everything we do. With the 2014 Clean Power Plan proposal, we may see increased energy costs in the foreseeable future. The agenda for this year will be directly related to energy and the environment, and include:

  • Assessment of CIBO’s activities, advocacy, accomplishments and plans for the past year and the strategic direction for the next and future years relative to CIBO’s Vision and Mission;
  • Consideration of the energy and environmental questions corporate and institutional CEO’s and Government legislative and regulatory leaders will be asking in the upcoming year;
  • Discussion on the broader energy and environmental issues that could be impacting overall corporate operations and planning in the near term;
  • Investigating the regulatory and legislative advocacy aspects of major issues to maximize the possibility of positive results for our members and industry as a whole;
  • Networking with the top energy and environmental leaders at CIBO member companies and key outside regulatory, technical and legal experts available to provide up to the minute expertise on the important issues considered.

The CIBO annual meeting has brought together members of the industrial boiler industry since 1978 to exchange information relating to energy and environmental practices and policies. CIBO strives to integrate our nation’s energy and environmental policies to attain benefits not just for its members but also for the country.

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