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The E2Stak is a concept built around Nationwide's proven environmental and efficiency controls, the CataStak™ SCR System and EconoStak economizers.

The first phase of the E2Stak solution is emissions reductions, achieved with the CataStak™ SCR System. The CataStak is capable of reducing NOx emissions by over 90% to less than 5 ppm for gas-fired boiler applications and 2.5 ppm for gas turbine applications. It is mounted to the exhaust stack of the boiler and the technology uses catalyst and ammonia or urea as a reducing agent to convert NOx to harmless nitrogen and water.

The second phase, energy efficiency, is accomplished using EconoStak economizers. Hot gases from the CataStak™ SCR System flow through the EconoStak and the extended surface finned tube economizer captures valuable waste heat and sends it back into the boiler feedwater or make-up water, saving a considerable amount of fuel and significantly reducing operating costs.

The E2Stak provides all the benefits the CataStak™ SCR System and EconoStak have to offer: decreased emissions, increased energy efficiency, and GHG/carbon reducing solutions, thus providing a positive payback.