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The largest operating expense in a boiler plant is the fuel cost. Boilers can operate on varying types of fuels, each affecting the performance and maintenance of the boiler differently.

ElectricBoilersNatural gas, propane or light oil are predominantly used with industrial boiler systems, while heavy oils and solid fuels are less popular due to increasing emission regulations, cost, and maintenance considerations. A burner capable of firing two fuels independently is also a viable option and can both reduce operating costs and increase operating flexibility. Hydrogen and hydrogen-blended fuels are also a viable option and gaining traction as a boiler fuel due to the characterstics and fact that hydrogen does not have any CO2 byproducts that are inherent in fossil fuels. And electric boilers offer a zero-emissions solutions, utilizing electricity as the boiler fuel source. 

When selecting the appropriate fuel for your boiler, it is important to understand what regulations are applicable to the fuel selection and how it will affect the emissions of your boiler. It is also important to determine how the fuel source will be supplied to the boiler and if there will be any external factors that may disrupt the delivery of fuel.

In addition, future fuel price fluctuations may affect the cost of fuel, therefore having a back-up fuel supply and a boiler capable of firing two fuels may be the best alternative. 

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