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It is important to be aware of what type of permitting process is required before a boiler is rented or purchased. Depending on the location of the jobsite there may be a lengthy permitting application process with the potential for monitoring and reporting requirements. In addition, some local permits are only applicable for certain time periods, so the duration of the rental boiler may need to be considered.

Air pollution regulations vary by region and have become very stringent, especially in California and Texas. Enacted at the federal, state and local level, industrial and commercial boilers are required to meet specific emission requirements that vary for different fuels, boiler sizes, and in some instances total emissions limits from a facility. 

With California having some of the most stringent emissions regulations in the country, Nationwide Boiler maintains rental boilers that are pre-permitted for expedited operation in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (Los Angeles area). This gives us the ability to quickly supply rental boilers without lengthy permitting processes for end-users located in this area of the country.

If you rent or purchase a boiler from Nationwide Boiler, our team of experts can assist with the process for securing the required air permits. 






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