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CataStak™ SCR Systems for Single Digit NOxAs allowable stack emissions become more stringent, plant facilities seek the lowest possible emissions to meet the newest standards, to add plant capacity without increasing overall emissions, or to minimize NOx emissions offset costs. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems are designed to reduce green house gases from boilers, specifically NOx, CO and VOC.

CataStak 70K FoodA typical SCR system consists of five major subsystems, including an insulated reactor house (with custom inlet and outlet transitions mounted in the exhaust stack of the boiler), lateral flow reactor module with low temperature SCR catalyst, an ammonia supply skid, an ammonia injection grid, and a thermocouple for monitoring stack temperature. The system works by injecting ammonia gas into flue gas in the exhaust stack. The flue gas then passes through the reactor chamber containing active catalyst, where a chemical reaction occurs and nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless, inert oxygen gas and water.

Nationwide Boiler’s CataStak™ SCR System was implemented as part of a countrywide initiative in the United States to curb air pollution. The CataStak™ is capable of reducing NOx emissions by as much as 90% and as low as 5ppm NOx. For users adverse to ammonia use, an ammonia-free CataStak SCR System can be implemented, providing the same NOx reductions and emissions guarantees as the standard ammonia system. To date, Nationwide Boiler has supplied over 200 successful CataStak™ SCR Systems and has never failed a third party source test.

Contact a Nationwide Boiler sales engineer for more information how a CataStak™ SCR System can help you meet your facility’s compliance goals.

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