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Boiler Rentals by Nationwide Boiler

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Nationwide Boiler's large fleet of rental boilers includes 350 HP low NOx mobile steam plants. Designed at 200 psi, these open-trailer, temporary steam plant systems include the following:

  • Package Firetube Boiler
  • Low NOx Burner
  • Gas Pressure Regulator
  • Motor Control Center
  • Valve Trim (header, safeties, blowdown, etc)
  • Spray-type Deaerator with (2) Feedwater Pumps
  • Duplex Water Softener with Brine Tank
  • Chemical Feed System
  • #2 Oil Pump & Motor
  • Blowdown Separator
  • Stack (shipped loose) 

All equipment is fully piped and wired, mounted on a 43' open-trailer for true rental boiler mobility. 

Steam Capacity 350 HP
Steam Temperature Saturated
Design Pressure 200 psi
Operating Range 75 - 175 psi
Standard Fuel Type Natural Gas or #2 oil
NOx Emissions (natural gas) 30 ppm
Boiler Type Firetube


Download the full rental boiler specification for additional details.


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