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Fremont, CA, January 23, 2014

A silicone materials company in West Virginia has selected Nationwide Boiler for the second time in recent years for the purchase of a new boiler for the continued expansion of their processing plant. In addition, the boiler was purchased for reliability measures to ensure they will meet their steam demand and cover any future issues with their existing aging equipment.

The new boiler is a duplicate of the first unit purchased from Nationwide Boiler in 2009. The 99.9 mmbtu input, 750 psi design Babcock & Wilcox watertube boiler is capable of providing superheated process steam at 425 psi and features Nationwide Boiler’s exclusive EconoStak economizer for maximum fuel efficiency and a low NOx burner that will not exceed 30 ppm. Staying under 100 mmbtu input allowed for faster air permitting and also avoided new source performance standards review and the requirement of a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS). The customer was so pleased with the previous boiler’s performance and outstanding service from Nationwide that they felt confident in repeating the process with familiar and trusted people. This was a major advantage in the selection process.

The equipment was available for immediate shipment to the customer and was received within a month after it was purchased. Having the equipment readily available and facilitating a quick shipment was also a key factor for Nationwide Boiler in securing this sale. A Nationwide Boiler representative traveled to West Virginia to perform the successful start-up of the boiler.

Nationwide Boiler has provided temporary and permanent steam solutions to the petrochemical industry for nearly fifty years. The company offers a complete line of boiler related equipment for short- or long-term rental, seasonal use, emergency use, or for sale and turnkey plant projects. Products include low NOx boilers, mobile boiler rental units, EconoStak economizers for fuel efficiency, and CataStak™ selective catalytic reduction systems for less than 5 PPM NOx compliance.

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