World’s Largest 110,000 lb/hr High Pressure Superheat Mobile Boiler Available Spring 2015 - Nationwide Boiler Inc.
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Fremont, California, January 5, 2015

Nationwide Boiler Inc., a leading supplier of rental boilers worldwide, has designed and developed the world’s first 110,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted, high-pressure superheat mobile boiler. Currently being manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox (West Point, MS), this package watertube boiler is designed at 750 psig, 750F superheat and is the largest trailer-mounted superheat boiler available. It is capable of producing 110,000 lb/hr of superheated steam at a pressure of 400-650 psig (when supplied with feedwater at a temperature of 227F) and is designed to burn natural gas with a future option of firing #2 oil. The boiler and trailer are highway legal, allowing for immediate shipment in North America, pending permit approval. Larry Day, Nationwide Boiler Inc.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was integral in getting this product developed. “Nationwide Boiler is proud and excited to introduce yet another industry first to the industrial boiler rental business. The world’s largest superheat trailer-mounted boiler will give customers with higher, superheated steam capacity requirements the opportunity to utilize quick delivery on rental equipment during planned and unplanned outages. The ability to ship this large boiler by truck instead of by rail is a great time-saving advantage, especially during the current railroad capacity challenges and shipping delays.”

The trailer-mounted boiler includes a low NOx burner, EconoStak economizer, and a fully metered cross limited control system with a VFD driven, 300 hp fan. For users requiring ultra low NOx emissions of 5 ppm, Nationwide Boiler’s CataStak™ SCR System can be supplied. The completed unit is scheduled to be in service at the end of this quarter. It will initially be stored at Babcock & Wilcox’s manufacturing facility in West Point, MS and is available for rental or sale worldwide. For almost fifty years Nationwide Boiler has provided superior solutions to meet the temporary and permanent boiler system needs of every industry.

The exclusive Nationwide CataStak™ SCR system, introduced over fifteen years ago, currently leads the nation with the most successful 5 ppm NOx retrofit/installations for packaged boilers. In addition to boilers, it is available for applications including gas-fired heaters and turbines. Today, Nationwide Boiler continues to provide innovative solutions with the world’s largest superheat trailer-mounted boiler currently in production. Nationwide Boiler is committed to providing customers with 24-hour responsive, technical support and high quality solutions. For more information, visit

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