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Boiler Control Systems by Nationwide Boiler

The Eagle is an open source, non-proprietary, and fully customizable Boiler Control System (BCS) designed with the user in mind. Nationwide Control Solutions curated a product that offers reliable, proven performance, ease of commissioning, and optimal operation.

The Eagle BCS meets or exceeds existing boiler control systems with only high-quality, industry standard components. Unlike many other integrators, Nationwide Control Solutions utilizes open-source programming for the HMI and PLC, meaning that configuration programs are not locked up with proprietary passwords and protocols. Built to provide an easier method of operation, all air/fuel ratio 10pt curves are entered through a single HMI screen that displays the data required for burner tuning. This includes steam pressure (or outlet temperature), drum level, and percent oxygen. Plus, every Eagle BCS offers some level of customization—customer logos on the HMI, modification of panel layouts, etc., and upgrade options including a stainless steel enclosure, climate controls, larger screen, CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLC, and more.

Standard Eagle BCS Features
  • NEMA 4 Powder Coated Steel Enclosure
  • 7” Touchscreen HMI
  • Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC Based CCS (fuel/air ratio control with parallel positioning, position feedback cross-limiting)
  • All system configuration and tuning accomplished via password protected HMI screens
  • Fireye BurnerLogix BMS is fully integrated into the PLC via Modbus
  • UV Scanner
  • 5-port unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • Modbus or standard Allen-Bradley communications to remote DCS
  • Gas or Oil fuel operation
  • Steam Pressure or Hot Water Temperature control
  • Fireye FX-04 Fuel Valve Actuator
  • Fireye FX-20 Combustion Air Actuator
  • Combustion Air Blower Motor VFD interface
  • I/O for Single element drum level control with 4-20ma interface

Contact Nationwide Control Solutions today to learn more about how The Eagle BCS can benefit the overall operation of your new or existing boiler plant.

360-335-1443 | controls@nationwideboiler.com

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