Benefits of a Mobile Boiler Room 
  • Enclosed work area - The entire steam plant, water treatment equipment and system controls are mounted inside a van-type structure.
  • Inclement weather protection - No additional structures are required for protecting the equipment from rain or freezing temperatures.
  • Personnel convenience - These units provide office space for maintaining logbooks, water chemistry testing, etc., and are designed for the comfort of boiler operators.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - Mobile boiler rooms are attractive, which can be an important consideration if the temporary steam plant is going to be located in a place that is visible to the public.

Project Spotlight - Chicken of the Sea

Chicken of the Sea selected Nationwide Boiler Inc. to supply the company’s new Lyons, GA canning plant with a 650 HP (22,500 lbs/hr) Mobile Boiler Room for temporary steam. The new 200,000 square-foot facility was planned to help in the creation of 200 jobs around Toombs County and was expected to be fully operational by October 2009. The plant plans to process frozen tuna loins into Chicken of the Sea canned tuna.

Nationwide Boiler's Rental Sales Manager helped secure the order, noting the positive effect the new plant will have on the local economy. "This new plant is a major accomplishment for Chicken of the Sea and the surrounding community. We are proud that our boiler will allow the plant to efficiently produce their tuna and quickly bring it to market throughout the United States.”

The portable boiler was on site for one-year and easily met the steam requirements of the plant.

Today, the Chicken of the Sea plan is still operating strong and is proud to bring manufacturing back in the U.S.