Package Watertube Boilers

Nationwide Boiler’s package watertube boilers feature Babcock & Wilcox boilers in a range of sizes. The table below showcases typical arrangements for Nationwide’s package boilers, however opposite hand and other arrangements are available upon request. 

Balance of plant equipment, such as a deaerator, water softener, blowdown heat recovery, and CataStak SCR system can also be added. Additional critical options are available, including but not limited to:

Mud Drums Heating Coilbw transparent
Platforms & Ladders
SIL 2 or 3 Rated Control Panel
Safety Valve Vent Stacks & Silencers
Three Element Feedwater Control
Steam Flow Transmitter & Recorder
Oxygen Analyzer
Natural Gas Regulator

As a partner and stocking distributor for Babcock & Wilcox, Nationwide Boiler is proud to offer a variety of new and reconditioned boilers, available for quick delivery. We continually stock our “World Boiler”, a B&W low NOx 200,000 pph superheat steam skid-mounted package boiler (firing natural gas or #2 oil at 750 psig design / 750 F) which can be delivered anywhere in the world. The table below references both stock equipment and units that are purchased on an as-needed basis with a longer lead time. Inquire within for more details. 

Download our standard packages, and contact us today for more information!
Capacity Type Design Pressure Temperature NBI Model
235,000 lb/hr  650 or 350 psig Saturated 235-B&W-D-650SAT
200,000 lb/hr 750 psig / 750F  Superheat  200-B&W-D-750SH 
150,000 lb/hr 350 psig  Saturated  150-B&W-D-350SAT
125,000 lb/hr 350 psig   Saturated  125-B&W-D-350SAT
110,000 lb/hr 750 psig  / 750F  Superheat  110-B&W-O-750SH 
100,000 lb/hr 350 psig   Saturated  100-B&W-D-350SAT
82,500 lb/hr 350 psig   Saturated  82-B&W-D-350SAT
75,000 lb/hr 750 psig / 750F  Superheat 75-B&W-O-750SH 
75,000 lb/hr 750 psig  Saturated  75-B&W-O-750SAT
75,000 lb/hr 350 psig   Saturated  75-B&W-D-350SAT
50,000 lb/hr 350 psig   Saturated  50-B&W-D-350SAT