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The CataStak™ SCR system is available for both firetube and watertube boilers. It was originally tested on numerous watertube boilers in Nationwide Boiler's rental fleet and has been proven to reduce NOx emission up to 99%. It not only reduces NOx emissions, but also provides increased operating efficiency, better turndown than ultra low NOx burners, and simplicity. The CataStak™ can easily be retrofitted on any existing system.

The CataStak-FT was developed specifically for small, firetube boiler applications. Based on Nationwide's proven CataStak SCR system technology, the CataStak-FT has been economically designed to provide reliable NOx performance for firetube boilers in a variety of sizes.

Overall, the CataStak has been designed as a cost-effective answer to reducing stack emissions and easily meets any performance requirements.

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CataStak for Watertube Boilers
catastak wt overview
CataStak-FT for Firetube Boilers
catastak ft overview


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