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Similar to other combustion processes, the primary pollutants of gas turbines include NOx and CO. For turbines with heat recovery, the exhaust temperature can drop below 300°F. With those factors in mind, it only made sense that Nationwide Boiler developed CataStak™ SCR system technology for gas turbine applications.

Turbine applications requiring low NOx upgrades are easily accomplished with the CataStak-GT SCR system. The CataStak-GT delivers reliable 2.5 ppm NOx performance for gas turbine applications starting at 0.5 MW and operating up to 1000°F. It includes Nationwide Boiler's NOx reduction ammonia control flow unit, an ammonia injection grid, the catalyst reactor housing, DeNOx catalyst, and design and engineering services.

The CataStak-GT system's innovative design includes simple controls, requires minimal operator intervention (Auto Start/Stop) and is easy to retrofit on existing equipment (vertical or horizontal arrangements). As an option, an E2Stak Solution, combining the lowest emissions with the highest efficiency possible, can also be applied to a turbine application with the addition of an EconoStak economizer, helping realize a quicker return on investment through positive efficiency gains.

catastak horizontal turbine overview

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