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The state of California has a long-standing history of stringent NOx emissions regulations driven by a commitment to air quality and environmental sustainability - and the rest of the country isn't far behind. Over the years, these regulations have continually evolved to reduce NOx emissions from industrial sources, challenging companies to find reliable yet innovative boiler/burner solutions. With more than 55 years of experience, Nationwide Boiler has provided reliable and efficient low and ultra low NOx boiler/burner solutions to customers in California and beyond.

We supply new and replacement burners for increased efficiency and decreased emissions, and our team of experts can match your new boiler package with the burner that best suits your needs. Plus, we can supply any necessary burner parts for Oilon and other industry leading burner manufacturers. From low NOx to ultra low NOx, high turndown and high efficiency burners, our team of seasoned engineers can spec the burner that is best fit for your specific application. 

As an exclusive manufacturers representative for Oilon in the states of California, Oregon, Washington and Texas, Nationwide Boiler is not just a supplier of Oilon burners. We also utilize Oilon burners in our rental fleet and on our stock boilers, meaning that we have experience not just selling but actually testing, operating and maintaining these burners on our own equipment.

Learn more about Oilon below, and contact us today to discuss your next boiler burner requirement. 800-227-1966

Oilan Front lefthand resizedOilon focuses on efficient performance, reliability, and emissions performance with burner options that guarantee as low as 2.5 ppm NOx. Oilon burners come in a wide range of sizes, from 0.3 to 307.1 MMBtu/hr, and can be utilized with many different boilers and applications. Whether a 30 ppm low NOx or 2.5 ppm ultra-low NOx requirement, Oilon burners are built to the highest industry standards and offer a dependable solution for boiler/burner needs.

Oilon's newest innovation, the ULN2.5 burner, delivers reliable 2.5 ppm NOx performance to help meet internally motivated sustainability goals and to help boiler owners comply with both current and future emissions requirements. It is the first UL-approved burner solution with 2.5 ppm NOx guarantees, and Oilon provides a 5-year warranty on the burner head. 

Benefits of the ULN2.5 Burner

  - Achieves sub 2.5 ppm Ultra Low NOx with Lower Residual O2
  - No Combustion Air Filters and No FGR Required
  - Reduced Electrical Consumption Due To Smaller Blower Motor
  - Operates on Typical Natural Gas Pressures
  - Fully Compatible with Industry Standard Controls

Did you know that Nationwide Boiler recently built, tested, and confirmed performance on our first 2.5 ppm stock boiler package, equipped with a proven Oilon ULN2.5 burner? Read our press release to learn more about this major milestone ultra-low NOx burner technology.