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Economizer B808

As a trusted West Coast representative for E-Tech Heat Recovery Systems, Nationwide Boiler can provide new and retrofit economizers for substantial energy savings. Economizers are utilized for the purpose of lowering stack temperatures, preheating the boiler feedwater, reducing fuel consumption, and saving valuable dollars. With the use of an economizer, boiler operators and owners typically see an increase of 3-5% in boiler efficiency. 

E-Tech box and circular economizers feature high-frequency solid or serrated fins welded to the tube, a design that yields a more durable and easily cleaned unit than one with brazed or fused finning. For the box style economizer, fins can be configured to your plant’s fuel and combustion product circumstances, even for the most heavy-fouling fuels. A condensing economizer will recapture energy that escapes into the atmosphere with heated boiler gases. Using feedwater-cooled finned tubing, our condensing economizer cools exhaust gases below their dew point, releasing latent heat bound up in the vapor. The amount of recaptured heat is considerable—about 1,000 btu per pound of condensate. The CO2 reduction is also significant: one cubic foot for each cubic foot of natural gas saved.

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In addition, if you own a Kentube economizer that is ready to be replaced, and you are interested in obtaining an exact duplicate of your existing unit, we can assist. E-Tech now owns the Kentube manufacturing equipment and brand. Contact us today for more information! 1-800-227-1966.

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