New and Retrofit Burners

Nationwide Boiler is the exclusive Webster and Oilon Burner representative for California, Washington, and Oregon. We can supply a new, replacement burner for increased effieciency and decreased emissions, or we can match your new boiler package with a Webster or Oilon burner that best suits your needs. 

Superior Webster BurnerWebster Logo
Webster Combustion provides efficient, cost effective solutions. These burners are technologically advanced and offer high efficiency, high turndown, and ultra low NOx emissions. They have multiple fuel firing capabilities, and the Webster Product Line includes a diverse set of burners. 

Oilon logo blue scaled
Oilon focuses on efficient performance, reliability, and low emission levels. Oilon burners come in a wide range of sizes, from 0.3 to 307.1 MMBtu/hr, and can be utilized with many different boilers and applications. 

In addition, Nationwide Boiler utilizes Webster and Oilon burners in our rental fleet and on our stock boilers. This means that we have experience not just selling but actually operating and maintaining these burners on our own equipment. 

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