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Unlocking immediate efficiency gains in your boiler system starts with one smart move: reducing flue gas temperature. Flue gas temperature is the heat of combustion gases exiting the boiler's stack. Enter EconoStak economizers, a proven solution supplied by Nationwide Boiler to improve the efficiency of your operation.

What is an Economizer?

An economizer captures the precious heat from flue gas and channels it to preheat the boiler feedwater, sending a surge of efficiency through your system. The math is simple: reducing the flue gas temperature by just 40°F can elevate your efficiency by a full percentage point, translating into substantial cost savings.

The EconoStak isn't just a component; it's a comprehensive package. This assembly boasts an economizer, along with all the necessary piping and structural supports, ensuring both efficiency and safety. Crafted with precision, it utilizes finned tubing to harness the energy of hot stack gases for preheating boiler feedwater. The EconoStak not only trims stack emissions and thermal pollution but also orchestrates significant fuel cost savings.

Economizer Rental Options

Nationwide Boiler supplies an economizer standard with all of our package watertube rental boilers from 75,000 lb/hr to 200,000 lb/hr. For smaller watertube applications, an EconoStak economizer can be supplied as an option. 

View our EconoStak Economizer Product Bulletin below for additional details.



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