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Fremont, CA, August 30, 2018

Nationwide Boiler Inc., the industry’s leading supplier of CataStak™ SCR systems for ultra-low NOx emissions on package boilers, recently supplied the first-ever temporary selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems utilizing a 32.5% liquid urea solution, commonly known as DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), as the reagent. Although the company has provided urea-based systems for stationary equipment for nearly eight years, this was an industry-first for a temporary rental application. Anhydrous ammonia, a chemical with stringent HAZMAT handling requirements, has been the standard reagent for rentals.

“This is a big step in our industry,” stated Sean McMenamin, Nationwide Boiler’s Director of Environmental Solutions. “Until now, ammonia was the common reagent utilized for a temporary SCR application. We often found that the strict handling requirements associated with the use of ammonia would hinder our ability to provide an SCR on certain job sites. We have now built an inventory of urea skids and associated ductwork required for these rental systems. This allows us to provide a safe alternative for customers adverse to ammonia handling requirements.”

The first rental project required two (2) trailer-mounted 99mbtuh saturated steam boilers, while the second project required six (6) trailer-mounted 99mbtuh superheated steam boilers. A ground-mounted CataStak™ SCR system, utilizing urea as the reagent, was supplied for each boiler. In total, Nationwide Boiler provided eight (8) urea-based CataStak SCR systems for the first time in the rental boiler industry, all of which achieved less than 5ppm vd @ 3% O2 NOx outlet levels.

For over fifty years Nationwide Boiler has provided temporary and permanent boiler system solutions to industrial customers worldwide. The company specializes in ultra-low emissions and high-efficiency equipment, including the CataStak™ SCR system for as low as 2½ ppm NOx. Nationwide Boiler recently introduced the DataStak™ Emissions and Efficiency Monitoring System to provide customers with real-time data typically required for fired equipment applications. The company’s controls division in Washougal, WA, Pacific Combustion Engineering, designs and fabricates the control system supplied with both temporary and permanent SCR equipment. For more information, visit

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