Nationwide Boiler CataStak SCR System Achieves 3 PPM NOx Emissions For CA Cogen Facility - Nationwide Boiler Inc.
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Fremont, California, June 25, 2014

The Pitchess Detention Center’s (PDC) Cogeneration plant, located in Castaic, California (The County of Los Angeles), recently installed two Nationwide Boiler Ammonia- Free CataStak™ SCR systems that utilize CCA Combustion Systems’ (CCA) patented TRIM-NOX® urea injection systems.  The equipment was installed on two dual-fuel fired Keeler auxiliary boilers, mandated to meet boiler NOx of 5 ppm, as required by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

Both units were designed and engineered to reduce NOx emissions from 30 ppm NOx to 5 ppm NOx.  Final NOx emission test results indicated reductions to less than 3 ppm NOx and ammonia slip under 2 ppm, successfully complying with the SCAQMD Rule 1146.  California Boiler, Inc was selected to install the CataStak™ SCR and the urea injection systems.  This included removal of the top portion of each boiler’s stack to facilitate the insertion SCR reactor housing, duct work and support frames.  

“Nationwide Boiler has seen a major shift in the demand for ammonia-free SCR systems for packaged boiler systems over the last several years. Our alliance with CCA enables us to provide a technologically advanced solution that, compared to traditional ammonia-free systems, is more cost effective and has been proven as an energy efficient alternative,” states Larry Day, Executive Vice President of Nationwide Boiler. “The Ammonia-Free CataStak™ complies with the strictest NOx requirements mandated by local Air Quality Districts in the United States and has been utilized in many facilities throughout California. Every installation has exceeding initial NOx guarantees and has met or surpassed minimal NH3 slip requirements.”
For nearly 50 years Nationwide Boiler Inc. has provided temporary and permanent boiler systems and equipment to the worldwide market. The company offers a complete line of low NOx mobile boiler rooms and trailer-mounted watertube boilers for rental, and reconditioned firetube and watertube boilers for sale, available for immediate shipment worldwide. The company leads the nation with the most successful CataStak™ SCR system retrofits on package boilers, resulting in reductions of NOx to levels as low as 2.5 PPM. Visit for additional details.

CCA Combustion Systems, a division of Peerless Mfg. Co.(NASDAQ: PMFG), specializes in supplying in-furnace and post-combustion control technologies to reduce NOx, particulate matter, unburned carbon and CO emissions from boilers, process heaters and gas turbines. CCA’s TRIM-NOX® injection system technology provides computer controlled injection of urea for SCR and reduces NOx emissions by over 90%. TRIM-NOX® is a registered trademark of Peerless Mfg. Co.


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