Industry Certifications - Nationwide Boiler Inc.
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About Nationwide Boiler

Nationwide Boiler and our boiler technicians have the proper certifications associated with complete boiler repair and modifications. This enables us to offer the assurance that the company and individual working on your boiler or other pressure vessel are fully qualified and able to accomplish the needed repair or modification required for reliable operation.

All equipment offered by Nationwide Boiler is manufactured, assembled and tested in strict accordance to ASME and other industry codes and specifications as applicable. In addition, our comprehensive Quality Assurance procedures include 100% hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of all pressure vessels and valves in conformance to the applicable standards below:

Single Mark


ASME Code Stamps S and U

Industry-wide standards for fabrication and repair of pressure vessels. They require technical knowledge and expertise to manufacture and repair boilers and other fired and unfired pressure vessels.

ASME Short/Long Form Testing

An industry-wide standard for testing and performance verification of power boilers. These tests require the application of the ASME Power Test Code.

NatBoard logo


National Board R Stamp

Similar to the ASME Code Stamps, this requires that the work of qualified welders be monitored and inspected by an independent third-party.

hartford logo


Hartford Steam Boiler

Authorized inspectors from Hartford Steam Boiler provide independent, third-party inspection of all Nationwide Boiler fabrication, manufacturing and repair work.

DOD logo



Nationwide Boiler has experience in meeting Mil-Specs. Included in these is MIL-I-45208A, the stringent quality assurance specification.

EPA logo


Emissions Testing

Nationwide Boiler is certified to verify emission levels according to federal, state and local E.P.A. testing requirements.

California Seal


Mechanical Contractor's License

Nationwide Boiler holds a State of California Mechanical Contractor's License #448144.

Licensed Professional Engineers

Nationwide Boiler has registered Professional Engineers on its staff. This assures that all engineering work is accomplished to the highest engineering standards.

welding logo


Welding Certification

Nationwide Boiler's shop team includes certified welders that meet and maintain the appropriate skill and quality levels suitable for the work being performed.