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About Nationwide Boiler

Nationwide Boiler's shop operations are critical for the on-time supply and delivery of dependable, fail-proof boiler equipment. Our shop includes highly trained mechanics, welders, electricians, and technicians that specialize in the repair, maintenance, and integration of boiler equipment and components of any size. Our 26,000 sq ft shop includes a complete line of equipment, including a 40 ton overhead crane as well as all major equipment needed for maintenance and testing of boiler systems.

Our shop facility capabilities have supported our long-term growth through capacity gains and productivity and Nationwide Boiler will continue to enhance our facility to meet the growing demands of the industries we serve.

Shop Capabilities

Nationwide Boiler's Engineering team not only specializes in maintaining and expanding our fleet of rental boilers, but they also excel in designing and managing custom steam plant projects and specialized boiler arrangements for varying applications, above and beyond any other boiler rental company in the industry. Our team includes licensed professional engineers and drafters with decades of experience in supplying proven solutions that our customers have relied on year after year.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Our engineering team is comprised of a unique team of individuals who have years of hands-on engineering skills and experience both in and out of the field. Our team strives to take full ownership and responsibility of any project and we are fully committed to your needs, providing assurance that the results you expect are achieved.It is our promise to:

  • Work with others in the department to determine optimum solutions
  • Engage our customers during major decision making
  • Determine realistic schedules and delivery time frames
  • Provide clear and concise, detailed documents and drawings
  • Use engineering tools to provide accurate calculations and measurements
  • Deliver engineering excellence during each phase of a project

Value-Added Engineering Services Offered by Nationwide Boiler
  • Engineering and design of boiler systems, selective catalytic reduction systems (SCRs), and heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), including piping systems, combustion controls, flame safeguard systems, drum level controls, flue gas recovery (FGR) systems, flues and ducts, feedwater systems, and platforms.
  • Engineering calculations for predictive emissions, mass flow, thermodynamics, and boiler combustion.
  • CAD Design, including 3D rendering (as needed).
  • Project management and technical assistance services to ensure timely delivery of components, installation, fabrication, and engineering designs.

Partial Portfolio of Engineering Capabilities
  • Multiple Boiler Fired Equipment Arrangements with CataStak™ SCR Systems & EconoStak Economizers
  • CataStak™ SCR Systems / Environmental Controls
  • Deaerators / Feed Systems
  • New Boiler Systems & Upgrades
  • Ultra Low NOx Mobile Boiler Rooms
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)
  • Used Boiler Systems for Custom Applications
  • Custom Enclosures & Platforms
  • Reverse Osmosis Units

Engineering Capabilities