New Equipment Sales: In-Stock and Built-to-Spec

Are you looking for a new boiler to support increased steam demand, or to replace an aging unit? Are you in need of a burner or combustion control system upgrade? How about an economizer, is your plant running as efficiently as possible? And are you meeting the most current emissions limits on your boiler or other piece of fired equipment?

Nationwide Boiler is a trusted California and West Coast manufacturer's representative for multiple reputable product lines. Click the logos or links below for more details on how we can support your next project, with equipment in-stock for immediate needs, and the ability to build-to-spec to match your unique application.

bw 225

Package Watertube Boilers
Up to 200,000 lb/hr
superior Package Firetube Boilers &
Auxiliary Equipment Sales



Electrode Steam Boilers
40,000 - 100,000 lb/hr


Resistant Type
Electric Steam Boilers


New & Retrofit Burners
Low and Ultra Low NOx
etech 225 Economizers & Other
Heat Recovery Equipment
kentube replace Kentube Economizers
Duplicates and Replacements
pce 225   UL-certified Combustion Control Systems
Custom NFPA Fuel Trains
New & Upgrades to Existing Equipment
 catastak 225  SCR Systems for Sub 2.5ppm NOx Compliance
For Boilers, Fired Heaters, Gas Turbines, and
Other Fired Equipment Applications
datastak 225 Emissions & Efficiency Monitoring Systems
for NOx, CO, and CO2 Monitoring, and 
Efficiency, Fuel Usage, and Carbon Footprint Calculation