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Temporary Boiler Rentals Keeps Mills Operating During Boiler Fuel Conversion Projects

Temporary Boiler Rentals Keeps Mills Operating During Boiler Fuel Conversion Projects

When plants have to make major changes to boilers in order to meet regulations, things have to be completed with little or no interruption to ongoing production operations. This includes fuel conversion projects, when boilers are changed from one fuel source to another. 

Over the last forty-five years Nationwide Boiler has supplied rental boilers for conversion projects throughout the United States.  One project in particular, involved Louisiana Pacific Corporation.  This plant operated a hardboard and multi-density fiberboard (MDF) mill in Oroville, California and ran 24 hours per day producing a wide range of hardboard products. The company had to comply with more stringent air quality regulations, making it necessary for the company to reduce NOx emissions from their boilers and change from wood-firing to natural gas-firing.

Modifications were made to the facility’s piping system to quickly accommodate a temporary, low NOx, 70,000 lb/hr, trailer-mounted rental boiler. Delivery of the trailer-mounted boiler was timed carefully to insure minimum impact on production operations.

Overall, the modified boiler system was converted from wood to natural gas and met the plant's steam demand, as well as NOx emission limits. All of the objectives for supporting production operations during the changeover of the primary boiler were successfully accomplished.

Nationwide Boiler is here to help through any conversion project.  Whether the need is a temporary rental boiler or a new or reconditioned boiler system, we have a solution that can help.  Call today to speak to one of our Sales Engineer and find more about how we can be your single source supplier for your fuel conversion project. 1-800-227-1977.

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