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Did You Know: Low NOx Revolution

In the early 1990's emissions regulations began to change dramatically. In 1995, Nationwide Boiler became the first and only company to convert our entire boiler rental fleet to 30 ppm low NOx. Since then, emissions requirements have continued to change and NOx numbers have reached as low as 7 ppm in some areas.

Nationwide Boiler strives to stay up-to-date with the most stringent of those requirements by stocking equipment that can meet or exceed the permit requirements in most areas. We have a variety of firetube boilers that will meet 9 ppm NOx emissions and are pre-permitted for use in the South Coast Air Quality District in California, one of the more stringent air districts around. Additionally, Nationwide Boiler can supply our exclusive CataStak Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) for as low as 2.5 ppm NOx on most of our rental equipment, both firetube and watertube boilers.

If you are facing strict emissions requirements and need a rental boiler in a hurry, contact Nationwide Boiler today! 1-800-227-1966

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Nationwide Boiler Provides Immediate Rental Boiler Solution to Local Refiner

Nationwide Boiler Provides Immediate Rental Boiler Solution to Local Refiner

When a refiner needs equipment during a planned outage or on an emergency basis, timing is critical. Nationwide Boiler understands that supplying the right equipment at the right time is key in keeping our customers running and we are determined to stock a wide variety of rental boiler equipment ranging in sizes from 47.5 HP mobile boiler rooms to 120,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted watertube boilers.

At the beginning of March, Nationwide Boiler sent three 70,000 pph trailer-mounted rental boilers, two mobile feedwater systems, and three CataStak™ SCR Systems to a large refinery in California. This is one of nearly ten projects we have had with this facility in past years.

The original inquiry called for two boilers, feedsystems and CataStak SCR’s and the equipment was required fairly quickly for the rental project. Nationwide Boiler expedited shipment for these boilers to arrive on time for the customer. After shipment, the third boiler and CataStak SCR were requested, and we were able to quickly commission a boiler that had just returned from another rental in order to fulfill the customer’s request. All equipment is now onsite and in operation, and scheduled to remain at the facility through April.

Nationwide Boiler’s rapid response time and superior customer service helped secure the rental for this project. These are just two reasons that Nationwide’s core customer base comes from repeat, satisfied customers.

Read our latest press release for more about how we recently delivered on a fast-track basis to a major CA refinery, and call us today to learn for yourself and become one of Nationwide Boiler’s many satisfied customers! 1-800-227-1966

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Western Turbine User’s 2014 Conference in Palm Springs, CA

Nationwide Boiler’s Larry Day will be in Palm Springs, CA next week to attend the Western Turbine User’s 2014 Conference, March 23 – March 25. Industry experts will be presenting at the conference on various environmental, operations and maintenance issues surrounding operations of gas turbine fired power plants.

If you plan on attending the show, visit Nationwide Boiler at booth number 218 to learn about the CataStak-GT SCR System for gas fired turbines. Nationwide Boiler has completed over 100 Catastak SCR projects and always meets or exceeds initial project emissions requirements. Larry will be available at the show to answer any questions on the CataStak-GT and other products available from Nationwide Boiler Inc. We hope to see you there!

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Nationwide Boiler CataStak SCR at E&J Gallo, Fresno, CA


Nationwide Boiler recently completed another CataStak SCR retrofit project for an 83,300 lb/hr boiler at E&J Gallo in Fresno, CA. This Fresno plant produces grape juice, wine and brandy.

This is just one of eight CataStak SCR System's supplied by Nationwide Boiler to E&J Gallo's various facilities in California, all meeting or exceeding initial project requirements!

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