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Did You Know: Nationwide Boiler’s Matching Price Guarantee

Nationwide Boiler was built on the premise of providing quality products with superior customer service and support. This philosophy has produced an excellent industry-wide reputation with many satisfied customers and a high rate of repeat business. Unfortunately, many first time customers over-emphasize the base price, often overlooking or not evaluating intangible factors such as quality, service, reputation, experience, and financial strength (insurance, fleet size, etc.)

Due to possible misconceptions of a higher-priced proposal, Nationwide Boiler offers a matching price guarantee. We guarantee to match any competitor’s offer for similar equipment, after full inspection for apples-to-apples comparison of price and scope. If qualified, we will submit a revised proposal with matching price and any deviations, or change our scope or service as needed.

How can you lose? You get the best price from the company with the best products and services!

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Nationwide Boiler Signs Calderas Myrggo, S.A. de C.V. as a New Representative in Mexico

Nationwide Boiler Inc. has formed an agreement with Calderas Myrggo, S.A. de C.V., located in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, for complete representation throughout Mexico. As a representative, Calderas Myrggo will promote and solicit the rental, leasing and sales of Nationwide Boiler’s extensive line of trailer-mounted watertube boilers and the 200,000 lb/hr skid-mounted Babcock & Wilcox FM120-124 “World Boiler” to potential customers in Mexico. Nationwide Boiler will also refer business to Calderas Myrggo as opportunities arise. The two companies plan to work together to increase and strengthen their presence in the marketplace.

“We are hopeful that Calderas Myrggo will give us the full service representation we need to grow our rental business and increase our sales of reconditioned boilers south of the border. With their long history and experience in the boiler industry, they have the capability of greatly enhancing our customer base in Mexico,” explained Larry Day, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nationwide Boiler Inc.

Calderas Myrggo S.A. de C.V. was established in Monterrey, Mexico in 1957 as a firetube boiler manufacturer. Since then, they have grown to incorporate four locations and not only build their own brand of boilers, but also service and repair boilers all over Mexico. With a vast equipment offering, Calderas Myrggo S.A. de C.V. serves a wide variety of industries from hotels and hospitals to chemical and electric generation companies worldwide.

For nearly 50 years Nationwide Boiler Inc. has provided temporary and permanent boiler systems and equipment to the worldwide market. The company offers a complete line of low NOx mobile boiler rooms and trailer-mounted watertube boilers for rental, and reconditioned firetube and watertube boilers for sale. Equipment is available for immediate shipment worldwide. For more information, visit


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Tradeshows This Month: IDEA Annual & Fuel Ethanol Workshop

Nationwide Boiler will be traveling the country this month to attend two industry specific tradeshows.

The IDEA Annual Tradeshow begins June 8th in Seattle, WA at the Washington State Convention Center. This year, the show’s theme is “Moving Community Energy Forward”, focusing on peer exchange, best practices and business development. Sales engineer Tim McBride will be in attendance from Nationwide Boiler, visit him at booth #55 to learn about the quality equipment and service Nationwide has provided to district heating companies worldwide for nearly fifty years!



On June 9th, our Business Development Manager Bill Testa and Western US Business Manager Jim Lieskovan will be on the other side of the country in Indianapolis, IN for the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW). Celebrating 30 years, the FEW Expo is the largest and longest running ethanol conference in the world! Bill and Jim will be at the booth #732 promoting Nationwide Boiler’s large stock of rental boilers available for immediate shipment to ethanol producers worldwide.



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Tips to Increasing Boiler Efficiency and Heat Recovery

As we all know, fuel is not cheap and costs are on the rise. Energy inefficiency in a boiler system is caused not only by an aging system, but also by heat loss. The more inefficient the boiler, the higher the fuel costs; but there are ways to combat this problem and reclaim the lost heat and reduce facility operating costs. Below are 10 tips that can be used to educate plant and facility managers on how to maximize boiler performance:


  1. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain – following manufacturer recommendations on annual boiler maintenance is the easiest way to ensure the boiler will continue to run efficiently.
  2. Proper Water Treatment – if water treatment is not done correctly, you will see a loss in heat transfer ability due to particulates clogging up internal boiler tubes. A deaerator can be used in most applications to increase water temperature and remove most of the particulates from the water.
  3. Install a High Turndown Burner – this will increase energy savings by reducing on/of cycles.
  4. Add Variable-Speed Drive Controls – installing these controls on the boiler feed pumps will enable a motor to operate only at the required speed at any given moment and save energy by allowing an operator to fine-tune the system to run at optimal conditions.
  5. Incorporate Parallel Positioning – doing so will allow the burner to maintain excess air levels more precisely and the boiler to run at its most capable efficiency point.
  6. Include O2 Trim – adding an oxygen sensor/transmitter in the exhaust gas will maintain peak efficiency by minimizing excess air and optimize the air-to-fuel ratio.
  7. Integrate Lead/Lag – this enables boilers to operate in sync with fluctuating steam loads by sequencing the operation of multiple boilers and matching system load.
  8. Incorporate an Economizer – incorporating heat recovery into a boiler system will improve efficiency, and an economizer can increase efficiency up to 8 percent. Depending on the boiler type, fuel used and operating conditions, a standard or condensing economizer can be installed.
  9. Recover and Repurpose Heat from Blowdown – you can do this one of two ways; by installing a blowdown heat recovery unit or a flash economizer. Both will capture heat and reuse it, with typical payback seen in less than a year.
  10. Use Exchangers to Preheat Inlet Water – similar to a blowdown heat recovery unit, an exchanger can be added to preheat a boiler feedwater system or deaerator.


View Process Heating’s Article for a more in-depth explanation of each tip.

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