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Protect Your Equipment This Winter from Freezing Conditions

Protect Your Equipment This Winter from Freezing Conditions

Protecting your rental equipment from inclement weather conditions is critical during the winter season.  Nationwide Boiler recommends the following in order to ensure that your boiler equipment continues to operate while facing freezing conditions.  Refer to the pictures below for several shelters our customers have used to ensure their equipment withstands the cold.

    1. Enclose both the front and rear of the boiler area and use an external heat source to minimize freezing conditions.
    2. Install heat tracing with insulation to protect exposed stagnant water lines.
    3. Utilize an appropriate heat tracing method (electric or steam tracing) to all of your main lines and piping components. This includes the following lines which should be heat traced regardless if the boiler is in operation or not (in freezing conditions): sensing lines (steam drum to CMR, high steam and steam gauge), auxiliary low-water-cut-off, water column and level control blowdown. Depending on the length of piping runs, the main and continuous blowdown should also be heat traced.
    4. In addition to heat tracing on stagnant sensing lines, drain the lines and fill them with a 50/50 (water/glycol) solution, making sure to re-connect the line.
    5. When an extended boiler down time is expected, completely drain the boiler and stagnant water lines.

The above are recommendations, however, use sound engineering judgment calls when there are concerns of possible freeze damage to the equipment. Call us if you have any further questions at 1-800-227-1966.

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What's Your Lost Production Worth to You

What's Your Lost Production Worth to You

When renting a boiler one important factor to consider is location and where the boiler is being shipped from.  The location of the unit dictates transit time, shipping costs, freeze protection considerations and most importantly...your downtime and lost production.

Nationwide Boiler truly is "nationwide" and so are our boilers. We have many boiler storage depots scattered across the United States so our boilers can get to you as quickly as possible -  saving both time and money.  Ask yourself,  "What's my lost production worth ?".  The answer is “Nationwide Boiler”.

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Extra, Extra, read all about it! Fall 2013 Steamlines

Our latest Steamlines newsletter is hot off the press!  This edition focuses on a new 200,000 lb/hr boiler sale to Papeles Ultra, located in Mexico.  See a video of the boiler being loaded on rail at Babcock & Wilcox's facility in Mississippi.  Also included is a recent article on Phillips 66 satisfaction when they received a brand new 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted rental boiler for a six month boiler rental project.  Lastly, Nationwide Boiler is proud to announce that Nationwide Boiler President, Jeff Shallcross, was recently awarded the ABMA Distinguished Service Award.  This and so much more is included in our Steamlines. You will not want to miss it!


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Western Meeting - Industrial Energy Efficiency and CHP

Nationwide Boiler just received this event notice from the DOE.  This meeting is focused on general discussions from leader sin the west relating to the development of greater industrial energy efficiency and combined heat and power.  Additional details and sign up information provided below.

Western Dialogue on Industrial Energy Efficiency and Combined Heat & Power

Time is running out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from leaders in the western region – REGISTER TODAY!

The Advanced Manufacturing Office is pleased to announce the fourth and final, in a series, of regional dialogue meetings scheduled for October 29, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah .  The Western Regional Dialogue on Industrial Energy Efficiency and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is being held in support of the August 2012 Executive Order signed by President Obama. These one-day dialogue meetings focus on developing and implementing state best practice policies and investment models to address the multiple barriers that inhibit greater investment in energy efficiency and CHP. This meeting, which focuses on the West, will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on October 29, 2013. It will include an optional tour of the University of Utah’s CHP system. The meeting will feature Bill Ritter, Director of the Center for the Clean Energy Economy at Colorado State University and former governor of the State of Colorado, as the keynote speaker. Prior Regional Dialogue meetings in support of the Executive Order include Columbus Ohio, June 2012, Little Rock, AR, January 2013 and Baltimore, MD, March 2013.

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