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Do You Know How to Properly Prepare a Trailer-Mounted Boiler for Pick-up?

If you have ever rented a boiler, you may already know that the proper removal of rental boiler equipment is a critical step.  Not only does it ensure the safe return of boiler equipment, but it also reduces the risk of additional costs to you, the customer!

By following the seven precautionary steps below, the rental boiler can be properly prepared for pick-up and shipment.

1.) Boiler Drain & Flush - First, completely drain and flush all the boiler lines with clean water and open all water drain valves. This will minimize the chance of any corrosion and/or frozen pipes caused by unforeseen freezing conditions.  Remember - the boiler may need to be transported along freezing conditions to make it's way back to Nationwide Boiler.

2.) Inspect - Second, Inspect all fireside and waterside surfaces and report any visual damage, scale build-up, or refractory problems. Having photographic evidence of the boiler condition after the rental period is advisable.

3.) Stack Removal - Next, the stack should be removed, remounted and bolted down, along with the non-return valve, safety valves and vent valve to the trailer (same location as it was received).

4.) Cover all boiler openings (stack, steam, gas, water, electrical panel, safety valve openings)

5.) If the trailer is disassembled, reattach wheels and gooseneck

6.) Check tire pressure

7.) Return all instruction and operating manuals to the rental company via the trucker or transportation company responsible for returning the unit

If you have questions about preparing your unit for pick-up, don't hesitate to call Nationwide Boiler at 800-227-1966.  We’re here to help.

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Keeping up with the Compliance's

As much as we sometimes wish they would just go away, compliance regulations are here to stay.  Overall, regulations are put into place by local governing agencies for the health and safety of the public, environment and plant operations.  These are all items which we agree must be top priority. However, the most difficult part of regulations is interpreting, comprehending, and staying current with new rules, revisions, and updates.  Combine that with the fact that the applicability of regulations can also be daunting -- things just get harder and harder.  

When it comes to NOx compliance, Nationwide Boiler has you covered.  We have helped hundreds if not thousands of customers meet both local and national NOx compliance regulations ever since the Clean Air Act passed in the 1980’s.   Our boiler rental fleet is equipped with the most advanced burners the industry has to offer and our new and reconditioned boilers all include energy efficiency upgrade options and CataStak™ SCR System component add-ons, proven to reduce NOx to levels as low as 5 ppm.

Our most recent compliance success story is a project we recently completed with NRG Energy Center San Francisco.  Nationwide Boiler provided a single Ammonia-Free CataStak™ SCR System for two 55,000 lb/hr natural gas-fired boilers that were required to operate at 9 ppm NOx levels as governed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

Read more about this project and how it demonstrated a simple method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions without the use of a standard ammonia-based SCR in the fall edition of Today’s Boiler.

If you need help keeping up with compliance's, call us today at 510-490-7100.  We can help.

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Temporary Boiler Rentals Keeps Mills Operating During Boiler Fuel Conversion Projects

Temporary Boiler Rentals Keeps Mills Operating During Boiler Fuel Conversion Projects

When plants have to make major changes to boilers in order to meet regulations, things have to be completed with little or no interruption to ongoing production operations. This includes fuel conversion projects, when boilers are changed from one fuel source to another. 

Over the last forty-five years Nationwide Boiler has supplied rental boilers for conversion projects throughout the United States.  One project in particular, involved Louisiana Pacific Corporation.  This plant operated a hardboard and multi-density fiberboard (MDF) mill in Oroville, California and ran 24 hours per day producing a wide range of hardboard products. The company had to comply with more stringent air quality regulations, making it necessary for the company to reduce NOx emissions from their boilers and change from wood-firing to natural gas-firing.

Modifications were made to the facility’s piping system to quickly accommodate a temporary, low NOx, 70,000 lb/hr, trailer-mounted rental boiler. Delivery of the trailer-mounted boiler was timed carefully to insure minimum impact on production operations.

Overall, the modified boiler system was converted from wood to natural gas and met the plant's steam demand, as well as NOx emission limits. All of the objectives for supporting production operations during the changeover of the primary boiler were successfully accomplished.

Nationwide Boiler is here to help through any conversion project.  Whether the need is a temporary rental boiler or a new or reconditioned boiler system, we have a solution that can help.  Call today to speak to one of our Sales Engineer and find more about how we can be your single source supplier for your fuel conversion project. 1-800-227-1977.

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Nationwide Boiler Helps Determine "What Boiler is Best for You"

Whether you know it or not, boilers are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in a facility and are used throughout the world to produce steam or hot water.  We rely on boilers every day for the food we eat, the oil we put in our cars, the paper we read, the plastic items in our house, etc. 

Selecting the right boiler for your application and needs is not an easy task and many factors must be considered.  Nationwide Boiler composed a list of important items that every prospective buyer must consider.  Our list includes the following:

Call Nationwide Boiler today with any questions you may have involving what boiler is best for you.  We stock a large selection of new and reconditioned boilers that can suit many needs and we have many units that are available to ship immediately - 1-800-227-1966.

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