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Free Webinar Alert: Methods of Reducing NOx

Cleaver-Brooks is hosting a free educational webinar tomorrow, October 28th at 2:00 pm EST.

The webinar will be focused on educating viewers about NOx, how it is regulated, and the methods used to control NOx. The two methods discussed in detail with the pros and cons of each will be flue gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction. There will also be a discussion on a Capital Expenditure/Operating Expenditure comparison of each of the systems.

Don't miss out, register today!

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CataStak SCR for Gas Fired Heaters Installed at TX Refinery

CataStak SCR for Gas Fired Heaters Installed at TX Refinery

Check out Nationwide Boiler's latest CataStak SCR installation on two gas-fired refinery heaters.  Nationwide Boiler's scope of supply included two of the following: insulated and lagged carbon steel reactor house, SCR DeNOx catalyst, stainless steel ammonia injection grid (AIG), and ammonia flow control units.  Complete system engineering and design drawings were also included.  Nationwide is currently waiting to receive final startup reporting figures to determine NOx removal levels.


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Power Engineering Publication - NOx Limits Met with Ammonia-Free SCR Solution

The latest issue of Power Engineering Magazine includes a feature article highlighting Nationwide Boilers first ever Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR installation for two 55,000 lb/hr watertube boilers. The system easily reduced NOx emissions to comply with local air regulations. To see the publication and learn more about this project, click here!

NOx Limits Met with Ammonia-Free SCR Solution from Nationwide Boiler Inc.

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Nationwide Environmental Solutions Exhibiting at the Western Turbine User's Conference

Nationwide Environmental Solutions, a strategic business unit of Nationwide Boiler, is excited to announce that the company will be exhibiting at this year's Western Turbine User's Conference at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, CA, March 20-23, 2011. Executives from Nationwide will be promoting Nationwide's CataStak selective reduction catalytic (SCR) system for gas fired turbines, proven to reduce emissions as much as 95%, to NOx limits as low as 2.5 ppm. For more information about the conference, visit
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