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30th Annual Charity Event Next Week

Nationwide Boiler, along with our reps, vendors and industry professionals will be attending Nationwide's 30th Annual Charity Golf Tournament for Via Services, May 12th and the 13th at Pebble Beach, CA. We have already collected over $10,000 in cart sponsorships and we are hoping to raising over $30,000 in total to commemorate our 30 year anniversary.

Thank you to all our cart sponsors and donors. We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Via Services
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Guest — NBI Blogger
Last week we not only met our goal but we exceeded it! Nearly $50,000 was raised for Via Services. Thank you to all those who su... Read More
Friday, 21 May 2010 10:43
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Free Webinar - CHP Technologies

If you ever wanted to learn more about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies now is your chance. The US DOE Gulf Coast Clean Energy Application Center is hosting a free webinar, Wednesday, April 21, 10:30 am CDT. The list of topics include:

* CHP Basics:
o Gas Turbines
o Reciprocating Engines
o Micro turbines
o Absorption chillers
o Organic Rankine Cycles
* CHP Best user's profile & common design strategies
* Overview of CHP Application in different market segments
* Environmental Impacts
o Reductions of Major Greenhouse gases
o Environmental Revenue Streams
* Recent CHP projects in Texas

To register visit:
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Visit with Nationwide: WRBA & WTUC

Our sales teams from Nationwide Boiler and Nationwide Environmental Solutions are back on the road next week for two industry specific trade shows:

Western Users Turbine Conference
San Diego Convention Center
March 14 -17, 2010

Meet with Nationwide Environmental Solutions and discover how your gas turbine can benefit from a CataStak-GT SCR system.

Western Regional Boiler Association
Seattle Waterfront Marriott Hotel
March 16-18, 2010

Nationwide Boiler is kicking of the show with a presentation about pre-planning for a temporary or emergency boiler.

Drop by our booth and ask about how you can get a free copy of our pocket reference guide. Hope to see you there!
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GHG Reporting Webinar Offered by the EPA

The EPA will host a Web-based training session for those involved with reporting under the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Rule. The next webinar is planned for Wednesday, February 24th, 1:00 - 3:00 pm EST. For additional details, go to:
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