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Nationwide Boiler Introduces the DataStak™ - Emissions & Efficiency Monitoring System

Nationwide Boiler Inc., known for innovation in the industry, has announced their latest product to market: the DataStak™. The DataStak™ is a cost effective, packaged emissions and efficiency monitoring system with O2, NOx, CO and CO2 measurements, in addition to real time boiler efficiency, fuel usage, and carbon footprint calculation. It is an alternative for large, intricate CEMS systems offering similar functionality and abilities at a fraction of the cost. The system utilizes two separate panels; an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with touch screen operation and a high quality electrochemical analyzer system, and works independently from existing boiler controls. It is a stand-alone product and can be retrofitted to any boiler system. 

The DataStak™ has been engineered to fulfill monitoring requirements in certain air districts in California, including the San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Specifically, the system will meet most of the SSP-1105 Emissions Monitoring for Rules 4305, 4306 for the SJVAPCD and ASTM D6522-00 standard for the SCAQMD. The operator interface panel is built to NEMA 4 and UL508 standards, and the emissions monitoring equipment is built to ISO standards. 

“In today’s marketplace, energy and facility engineers need to have real time NOx and CO calculations at their fingertips, and they need to also know the efficiency, fuel usage, and the calculated carbon footprint of their boilers. They need data that is easily available for AQMD reporting purposes.  The DataStak™ is more than just a combustion or NOx analyzer.

The fact that it provides the carbon footprint, boiler efficiency, and CO2 data separates the system from what is currently on the market. We developed this product with the end user in mind and a goal of making their job easier,” stated Larry Day, President of Nationwide Boiler. 

Nationwide Boiler debuted the DataStak™ at the California League of Food Processor’s Expo in Sacramento, CA in February. The company will provide its first unit to a new manufacturing facility located in Newark, CA for a 475 hp firetube boiler. Contact Nationwide Boiler at 1-800-227-1966 for more details. 

For nearly fifty years Nationwide Boiler has provided superior solutions to meet the temporary and permanent boiler system needs of every industry. Today, Nationwide Boiler continues to provide innovative products and leads the nation with the most successful 5 ppm NOx retrofit/installations for packaged boilers with the exclusive CataStak™ SCR system.    Nationwide Boiler is committed to providing customers with 24-hour responsive, technical support and high quality solutions. Visit their website at



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World's Largest Trailer-Mounted Boiler Sold!

Recently, we sold the world's largest trailer-mounted boiler to a brewery in the Southeast. This boiler was an active member of our rental fleet, and a work horse at that! The 120,000 lb/hr, 400 psi design Nebraska watertube boiler was originally manufactured in 2005 and has been on a number of short and long term rentals since it joined our fleet. Plans are in motion to order a replacement unit, in which we will utilize the existing 100 plus foot trailer for mobilization.

For more details on the boiler sale, take a look at our latest press release!


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World's First 1,000 HP Low NOx Mobile Boiler Room

Adding to our long list of industry firsts, Nationwide Boiler has designed and begun production of the world's first 1,000 hp mobile boiler room! The unit will offer many advantages to customers including ease of air permitting and higher operating pressures. 

The 1,000 hp low NOx Superior Boiler was designed at 290 psig and will incorporate a Power Flame low NOx boiler capable of firing natural gas or #2 oil. The boiler/burner, deaerator, feedwater pumps, blowdown separator, chemical feed system, and control panel will all be mounted inside a 53 foot container with 3-axle chassis for quick and simple delivery. 

This mobile boiler room is another world's largest and first of it's kind!

Check out our press release for more information. 

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New to Our Rental Fleet: 110,000 lb/hr Mobile Boiler

Nationwide Boiler is known in the industry as an innovative leader. From the introduction of the first 20,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boiler in 1967 to the first ultra low NOx mobile boiler rooms in 2000, Nationwide has continually ‘wow-ed’ the industry with new, ground-breaking products.

Today, we would like to announce our newest innovation, the world’s largest trailer-mounted superheat mobile boiler! This 110,000 lb/hr Babcock & Wilcox package watertube boiler is designed at 750 psi / 750F superheat and is set to burn natural gas or future #2 oil. It is highway legal allowing for shipment anywhere in the U.S. (pending permit approval). And for ultra low NOx requirements, a CataStak™ SCR can be added, reducing emissions down to 5 ppm NOx.

This boiler is available for rental or for purchase, and is scheduled to be ready for service early next year. 


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