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Nationwide Boiler’s S.T.A.R. Delivery Service

At Nationwide Boiler, we have designed and packaged our entire inventory of boilers and steam plants so they can be delivered to customers by any practical means. We call it our STAR delivery service: by Sea, Truck, Air or Rail. Our STAR delivery options provide customers with the convenience and assurance that equipment will be delivered by any practical way possible. 

Most of our inventory can be shipped by truck throughout North America from one of our many storage locations throughout the US. This saves time versus the alternative rail shipment, and can be very convenient for emergency rentals. Our trailer-mounted boilers (up to 125,000 lb/hr) and mobile boiler rooms (up to 1,000 hp) are both built on dedicated highway-legal trailers and are easily transported by truck. Skid-mounted boilers are shop-assembled package boilers and depending on the size of the boiler, units can be transported on a flat-bed or by rail. A crane is required for on- and off-loading of skid-mounted boilers. 

If the jobsite is not accessible exclusively by road, Nationwide Boiler can provide alternate delivery options. Our equipment has traveled on a container ship over the Pacific Ocean and has been loaded onto a plane for quick delivery to jobsites across the country. Nationwide Boiler has supplied equipment by sea, truck, air, and rail to 6 out of the 7 continents in the world.

In addition, Nationwide Boiler has a five point program for delivery success, which means that you can depend on us to deliver quality equipment and cost effective solutions, anywhere in the world! 

1.Our experienced project manager will help prepare the quickest and most convenient delivery to meet your unique requirements.

2.Prior to shipment, all of Nationwide Boiler’s equipment is carefully prepared, packaged, and documented, so it is ready when it arrives on site.

3.We have had years of worldwide delivery success due to our long-standing quality and reliable logistical partners. 

4.We provide proper drawings and documentation to support a successful installation.

5.Nationwide Boiler has 24/7 customer support, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that we are here to help, anytime and when you need it most. 





By Sea ...

A 200,000 lb/hr boiler being loaded on a container ship for trans-Pacific deliery.

By Truck ...

A 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boiler being shipped by road.





By Air ...

A 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted boiler being loaded onto an Antonov, AN-124 aircraft for a delivery to the Middle East.

By Rail ...

An 180,000 lb/hr skid-mounted boiler ready for shipment by rail.

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Combustion Controls for Boilers

Check out our latest article in the August issue of Process Heating Magazine, written by Nationwide Boiler Sales Engineer Brett Barnes! 


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New Video: Inside a Nationwide Mobile Boiler Room

In our latest video, Nationwide Boiler's Jim Lieskovan offers an inside view of one of our fully enclosed, 350 hp mobile boiler rooms. Jim also points out the primary equipment, how the unit is assembled, and how it is piped to offer ease of installation at the customer's site.

The mobile boiler room was hooked up and test fired during the video at Nationwide Boiler's shop in Fremont, CA. From assembly to turnaround and test firing each unit, we do our best to make sure our equipment is in pristine condition prior to any rental or sale.

Check out this informative video for a tour of our mobile boiler rooms, and like it on our YouTube page today!


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Rental Boiler Logistics

Nationwide Boiler has a diverse rental boiler fleet. From large trailer-mounted watertube boilers, mobile boiler rooms, and small skid-mounted firetube boilers, we offer our customers a variety of options to meet any potential steam or hot water heating need.

For ease of shipping, our mobile boiler rooms and mobile steam plants only require a tractor to hook-up and tow-away. This is the advantage of mobile self-contained equipment. However, some of our skid-mounted systems and firetube-only rental boilers, for customers that do not need a complete steam plant, require an over-sized forklift or crane service for loading. In either case, Nationwide Boiler will coordinate the pick-up, delivery and customer notifications through one of our trusted shipping companies. Note that skid-mounted equipment, when delivered on a flatbed, will require off-loading at the customer’s facility.


Nationwide Mobile Boiler Room Shipment

For some of our larger watertube rental boilers, 75,000 lb/hr steam output and above, a separate drop-deck trailer, in addition to the boiler trailer, is required. This is due to the height and weight limitations imposed by states’ transportation departments. Though this extra shipment is ‘highway-legal,’ the boilers, in comparison, require overweight permits and tagging and are sometimes restricted to daylight travel and curfews in larger metropolitan areas. For these reasons, additional components required for boiler operation, namely the forced draft fan and motor, economizer (if a standard piece of equipment), and the short stub stack, are delivered separately. They are off-loaded at the job site and installed once the rental boiler is in place and leveled.


Typical Flat Bed Load for Large Watertube Rental Boilers

Our CataStak™ SCR emission control systems, for use in non-attainment low NOx emission areas, are also delivered on a flatbed for job site off-loading and installation on the boiler flue outlet.

At Nationwide Boiler, we like to ensure that our customers are aware of the logistics required when renting our boilers and auxiliary equipment. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding our boiler shipments, please contact us today at 1-800-227-1966.

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